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小田急3100形「NSE 冷房強化前フルセット」

al camino

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Woaha - Endo will release the Odakyu Series 3100.

This is a train with cupola cab - my favorites.




The 3100 sports a plastic shell and (!) so the price is in an affordable range.

I just recovered from reading the price of Endo's Twilight Express Mizukaze (http://www.mr-endo.com/lineup/brass/kidousha/mizukaze.html).


Lucky me that I did not yet decide to reserve some KIHA81s of the KATO re-release.

Is the 3100 a must - ?hmmmm? - I'm afraid it is ...

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4 hours ago, leexx405 said:

For that price (Twilight Express), you can ride the real thing! (Airfare not included)



Yeah - but(!) - the money for the ticket is gone - the ride is a once of a time event - the Endo train will remain and stay as a real thing.

I am not sure if the memory of the train ride or the train on my layout (or display case) has the higher value.

No question - the memories of the train rid would be part of a Japan trip with alot more of events to memorize.

Beside the airfare and all the other bills of this trip and considering my healthy situation I am not really convinced to book a flight to travel Japan.

Maybe that's the reason to collect trains from far away.


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Wow that is reasonable for Endo.


I would imagine that the demand for expensive brass HO Models is shrinking and to be honest, what I’ve seen from Endo is nice, but difficult to understand the huge cost. A few chaps around my way have the 883系 Sonic which is just short of ¥600,000. While it has nice details, I wouldn’t say it warrants that sort of money, especially as plastic molding has improved massively.



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Martijn Meerts

Small production runs, and probably mostly hand built and hand painted really.


They probably don’t feel there’s a big enough market for these to spend the time and especially money on designing and manufacturing the moulds required to make the full set. 

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