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Augsburg Bahnpark limited opening days, possibly last chance to see BST (blue version of TEE DMU train)


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The ill-fated museum Augsburg Bahnpark will have limited opening days this October, namely October 13, 20, and 27 between 11 and 16, that anyone can join without prior arrangement. It could possibly be the last times the Augsburg Bahnpark museum is open (at least, in their current form, as the municipality wants to use the area for housing development and sees no purpose in keeping the museum open for much longer so extensively. They have now also posted limits in how many and how long trains can be saved in their yard outside). They have a very cool multinational train collection, and it is also home to the Blue Star Train (the blue repaint of the TEE DMU). It needs a money influx soon to preserve the stock, or it will all unfortunately be sent to the scrap heap.


So, if you are in the neighborhood, be sure to visit!



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The TEE Blue Star version has been sold to a Jordanian company and will be transported to Jordan, where it will be used for excursions.


However it first has to get there which is expensive. So provided the company won't go bust, you'll be able to ride a TEE train in Jordan soon.



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Strange move.

The Hedjaz Jordan Railway is 1,050 mm and not much used. I didn't even know it was in passenger use, and I am not sure many Jordanians know that it is. They usually rely on their own cars and long distance bus to move around the country. The station in Amman didn't seem to be exactly open to the public when I visited it in 2016. It was also not easily accessible, slightly out of the way. They had a nice collection of steam locs that seemed to be kept in quite good condition. I think they had one of Japanese origin.

Even if Ryanair started service a year ago from different European cities, Jordan and Amman are not really on the tourist map, and have but a few tourist attractions... Petra, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea. I love Amman but the city is not really worth more than a couple of days for normal tourists.

Maybe if the railway was still linking Amman to Aqaba and the Red Sea it could make sense to run that train as a tourist attraction.


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