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AsiaNrail layout at the Narrow Gauge Convention

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Earlier this month Paul, (railtunes), Sam (kiha66), and I had our biggest yet AsiaNrail layout set up at the 2019 Narrow Gauge Convention in Sacramento, California.  We also had help from Richard who I don't think is on this forum.  The layout room was only open to convention attendees but there were a lot of them including a few from Japan and China and our layout was really well received.  This convention was quite well organized and we operated the layout in a morning (8:00am to noon) and evening (6:00pm to 10:00pm) which made for a long day but gave us a chance to go on some layout tours in the afternoons.  We rotated staffing at the layout so we all also got a chance to go to clinics and visit the other layouts and contest room.   The layout was a triangle of 2+ meters on each side with a long branch line and a short branch line.  Here are a few photos and a link to a short video.





My new highway module was part of the long branch.



Paul also had his new port module in this layout at the end of the long branch.



Another new module that Paul is working on.


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Kudos guys! Looks like a great setup at an interesting show! 



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