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German Noch N scale figures at Hobby Search.


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I see that Hobby Search is advertising (for reserve) the German Noch line of N scale  (European 1:160) figures.

A wide range, but most of them are too European in appearance for Japanese N scale.

There is a team of bricklayers which could be o.k, plus some fishermen, also people on bikes, motor scooters and motor bikes.

Worth having a look.

The smaller scale may not be significant in most locations.






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The noch figures are pretty much the same as Tomytec and Kato figures in size. A lot of the noch figures have been traditionally robust in size so makes up the few percent difference in the scale. I have a bunch of the unpainted ones and with some creative painting you can convert most all to Japanese clothing and hair easily. Also the robustness allows a little sculpting if you want with dental burs. The old Merten figures were great as just the same size of Tomytec figures but very similar outfits that can easily be touched up with a tad of paint.



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