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Kato Suburban Type Platform DX... what's the deal?


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Does anybody have these?


I'm seriously considering getting them for my ahem next layout.

Island set: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10542546

One sided set: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10542547


I notice that both sets include a model for stairs / escalator leading down to a presumed track crossing. This is nice, because I didn't like the idea of my passengers being trapped on that island platform, surrounded by a horrifying mixture of Japanese and Chinese rolling stock zooming past at unlikely speeds, questioning their life choices and the nature of a creator who would leave them in such a world to fend for themselves. So let's assume that having availed themselves of the underground passage and escaped the island platform to the one-sided platform... what then? Do they vault the barrier at the platform end and climb down the ladder to freedom? That doesn't sound like something a Japanese rail traveller would do. Or do they hurl themselves over the wall at the back, hoping that they won't land in some container-yard hellscape with giant yellow trucks bearing down on them? (hint: they might)


Is there a station building that connects to the DX platforms? If so, Hobby Search doesn't seem to know about it.

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Also see these on elevated lines so stairs down to street/station below.


Edf has a nice thread on his Ttrak modules using them



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They sure went overboard with the packaging - I bought some of the island end pieces which I shall trim and butt together for a long platform.  The end pieces are packaged in large boxes with heaps of plastic inside and required a large carton for shipping.

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