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New Tomix Shop

JR 500系

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So yesterday I went to the new Tomix World shop near Kanda.

It's in a building right in front of the JR station exit, next to a Family Mart.

It's on the 7th floor. You can see this sign at the entrance:




You take the elevator and you get to the shop, which is actually a big room:




There's a nice layout, with many sets running:






There are a few of the new/upcoming releases nicely displayed:







From the window, you can get an amazing view of the Ueno-Tokyo line:




There are a few sets available to buy. The prices were not displayed, but I'm guessing they're not that cheap, compared to the nearby shops in Akihabara:




I never went to the old Tomix shop, so I cannot compare the two.


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Is that a Haruka in the 3rd photo from the too? Thought the Tomix Haruka isnt out and still only on pre-order?

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A friend, recently returned from Japan, says that the new Tomix shop is much smaller than the old Tomix World shop, and with nothing for sale, and was not worth visiting.

Earlier on, Kato moved from their shop in Esaka in Osaka to a smaller place in Kyoto JR Station. 

Could high rents have caused these moves?






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A video of the Tomix Showroom taken one year ago.


“I photographed TOMIX products displayed at the TOMIX showroom. The content of the exhibition changes from time to time, so it may differ from the content of the video. In order to prevent infectious diseases, we will be filming outside of business hours.”



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