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note about avatar proportions

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The forum software apparently wants all images to be square.  That no dimension exceeds 100px (or whatever the limit is) is not the only requirement.  I had edited my avatar down to 100px wide by 78px tall.  After uploading, it gave me that editor so I could crop the image.  I didn't want to crop it any further.  After a few tries I pasted the image on a 100x100 background.  Success.


If this is not written anywhere (that is, if I am not missing it) it may be helpful to add some information about this somewhere in the avatar dialogs.

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Sorry about that, yes best to just do the avatar on a 100x100 canvas for it to deal with it the best.


maybe this will be better in the next forum software upgrade. We have a big one to do but the https needs done for that upgrade.





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