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Yodobashi Shinjuku

Tony Galiani

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Tony Galiani

I have read through this forum and learned that the Yodobashi store in Shinjuku carries model trains.  Can anyone tell me where the model railway shop is located inside Yodobashi Camera?  I have tried their web shop but that has not been useful to me.

Any info would be appreciated.



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Yodobashi Camera has multiple stores in Shinjuku. There is an East and several West stores.  At the west set of stores theres is a  Hobby Toy Museum store and the trains are located in the   1st basement floor.

https://www.yodobashi.com/ec/store/floor/0011/  (Scroll down)


Generally people looking for trains at Yodobashi Camera seem to have success at the Akihabara store. Trains are on the 6th  floor.


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Tony Galiani

I appreciate the additional information.  I had found the Shinjuko East location on the map and missed the other stores.  Did not realize how many locations there are in Shinjuku and elsewhere in Tokyo.

I don't want to spend a lot of time shopping in Tokyo but do hope to come home with a few items so looking forward to seeing what they have.



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The Yodobashi Shinjuku store has (as of November 2021) moved the model railway section to the third floor (3F) of the building across the street:




Easily recognizable from the Kato/Tomix/MA logos in the windows. More spacious than the previous location, and the general modelling supplies (paints etc.) are on the same floor.


It does actually connect at ground level to the main Shinjuku store, though unless you're familiar with its maze-like interior, it may be easier to access from the street.

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