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Some of my North American Equipment


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New here and thought I’d share a few pics and vids of my NA equipment. 






I have a few more details/bugs to work out before I am ready to share the rest of the collection!  


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Heres a video on the Evolution of my Disney Monorail Contemporary Resort playset. 




And here is a run with the monorail illumination and audio spiels on and both buildings running. 

The audio spiels are on an audiofx mini and controlled  by reed switches in the tail cab mad triggered by Neo magnets I installed in the beam far enough back to allow the spiel to finish before arriving. Crude, but effective since these are powered by 2xAA batteries. 








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4 hours ago, cteno4 said:

Very fun! Your Daughter is so good not going Godzilla on everything!



Corrected, and thanks Jeff and Chou.  Hard to tell when they’re 1 except by clothing! 


Though now that she’s 2 and really into Minnie Mouse we have to be more careful she doesn’t reach in to take the character figures out where I have the Meet nGreet scene set up in the building 


Another 3 months though and I’ll have to put the trains away to bring out the monorails. 




Man man that Lady is taking forever to find her camera in her purse! 

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A pic of my close coupled and diaphragm equipped F3 ABA set. 


I’m using short shanked Unimates and American Limited working diaphragms and TCS decoders. 






Also my Double length Kato retailer. Very useful for long cars, Steam and this ABA set. 




As seen above I’m used an SBS dual beam plate to simulate the dual beam on the F3s (and the GS4) 

they have independent numberlights, lower head lights, mars lights, reverse light on the F3Bs, and porthole lighting. 




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You can see that using optical dimming (fl4 is poo for PWM dimming LEDs.) I was able to get a very toned down and not overpowering cab light. 


No hyper bright alien invasion lighting is taking place inside the cab.




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