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Trains in China! Just wow! But what about the Maglev?

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After having spent a few months in Sri Lanka and India travelling on around 100 hours of trains, my wife and I were starting to think that we were getting bored of trains... 😲 


We just finished a month in China and wow this is something else. We took a 14 hour bullet train from Shanghai to Chengdu and it was so comfortable that the time flew by! Even the "Slow" trains are pretty comfortable, clean, air-conditioned and very cheap.


I think China is really an exciting place to explore train travel! Can't wait to see if the mag-lev will actually get built! I want to get on that as soon as it's ready! Do we think they will actually build it? Or is it just showing off?



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If you are going to Shanghai you can take the maglev out to the airport, only about 20miles but gets up to 430kph.



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Yeah! We saw this, but our arrivals into Shanghai were much too late after the Mag-Lev stopped running 😞 Next time I will plan the flights better! 🙂 

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China is massively investing in maglevs. They have a prototype fast train that will be going at 600 km/h speeds, and Changsha and Beijing area already using their first generation medium-speed maglevs on their airport / metro lines. Current top speed of these are 100 to 120 km/h, second gen: 160 km/h, third gen: 200 km/h. Can't wait to see the progress this decade.

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