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Trouble assembling Kato Overheard Station Extension Corridor


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I'm attaching the two Kato overhead station extension set corridors, but not only do the angled hooks fit extremely tightly in the other corridor, but there is this small round peg at the bottom that seems to prevent the two corridors from sliding together flush. It seems as if I have to file it down so that it doesn't protrude. Other reference images I've seen show the peg to be intact, so maybe I'm inserting the corridor incorrectly? This is what I've got:



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I'm just trying to assemble the corridors at the moment. I've already read that article and the window issue, so I'm not even going to touch that window for now.


Anyway, I just want to know whether I need to sand down the round pegs in the center of the corridor floor. Though if this were the case, I'd be a bit surprised that Kato would make parts not assemble-able out of the box.

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I have had the most difficult time finding the extension set (Kato 23-123) that's not outrageously priced (2-3x cost). If I run across one, I'll give it a look see if someone else doesn't come back with a good answer.

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Unfortunately Japanese manufactures don’t keep everything in production all the time so on stuff like this it may not be available for years until rerun. Thus the high prices for the few floating around.



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