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What did you run today?


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A bit off-topic, but this is the look down at the workshop level. 🙂




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Wow, that looks like a lot of fun!  I can't think of a better setting either.

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Tony Galiani

I am not sure if this counts as a real improvement but I actually took one of my Shimabara KiHa 20's out of the box!  And gave it a very short test run.  It is nice to see it on a short bridge over water - something that is common on the Shimatetsu.


We traveled quite a bit in June and I came back to an (involuntary) promotion to department director so I have been rather busy.  So my layout project plans have gone nowhere.  However, things are starting to even out and I have started to plot out some project ideas.  So, a very small step but hopefully more in the near future.  Today's project is too pack up my collection of Continental Modellers as I have found a home for them but I am also working on track placement ideas for my next layout.



Tony Galiani


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I definitely love running my Tomix KiHa 185 ' Around the Kyushu"




It's smooth as silk




The motor is silencious at normal speed




And I'm now waiting for my HKTILC leds to arrive to have a full interior lit properly. 



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