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Shinkansen Conductor Placements and Door Positioning

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I've condensed two similar topics (annoying questions) together.


On the shinkansen, there are windows for the conductor, however, they don't (with the exception of the Akita Shinkansen) seem to be used very often. The conductor usually operates from the back of the train. This also happens on some limited express services, although this only seems to be used in Hokkaido. Are these used at all? Is there a reason for this?


On the N700A G sets you have the conductor's compartment in car 8 (the green car), and then the car next to it, car 7 has two doors right next to each other, one of them is smaller.

Is the smaller one a crew door? If not, what is it used for?



I appreciate it when you answer my endless questions.



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bikkuri bahn

There are multiple conductors on Nozomi services, hence the windows. As for the doors, these are service entrances(業務用), to allow staff such as food service vendors and their wares to enter/exit the train at intermediate stations without getting in the way of passengers. Just took a Nozomi service today Nagoya-Shin Yokohama and checked.

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Can you explain the difference in roles between the two conductors? (at the rear and in the middle)

As I understand it the centre conductor looks after the green car customers while the rear looks after the rest.


Is there a Japanese website I can read up on this?



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