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Rail and tram crossings on the level.

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To the best of my knowledge, in Japan there are only two places where trams and trains cross each other on the level, and they are both in the one city.

The city is Matsuyama, on Shikkoku Island, and the System is that of the Iyo Railway Company, which operates both the city trams and a neat three line elec. interurban  set up..

One crossing is at Komachi, where the tramway depot is, here a single track tram line crosses  the company's single track railway from the port at Hamamatsu

This crossing it at a steep angle, and it is only tram and train, there is no road involved.

At Komachi, there is a direct interchange between train and tram.

The next is a bit further on, at Nishi Horibata station, here the crossing is almost a right-angle one,  a double track city tram line in a road, crossing the same single track railway.

This crossing is protected  by boom gates.

A good photo spot, with a red and cream tram standing at the booms with a similarly liveried EMU running across in front of it.

No doubt now-a-days, those liveries have changed.

It is very likely that in earlier times, when there were many tramways in Japan, similar crossings existed in other cities.






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