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Cumbrian Rail miscellany


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So. After our class 37/4s were withdrawn from mainline passenger use at the end of the contract with Northern Rail the feeling was that life was going to be a bit boring with an endless procession of Class 156 DMUs dominating. However, it hasn't turned out quite like that.


37 419 and 37 402 on the Three Peaks Challenge charter train




We've repainted 419 'Carl Haviland'  in the classic Intercity executive livery much to the delight of the railfans


One of our Class 68s is at the rear of a driver training working with the CAF built driving car at the front




Due to a blockade further down the West Coast route, the Saturday Sellafield-Crewe flask working was 'Top and tailed' by Class 68s




One of the jobs the 37/4s picked up was hauling the Network rail 'PLPR Infrastructure test train'. A sort of 'Dr Yellow' for secondary routes




More in a mo



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So I have started a monthly video diary of Cumbrian rail action to capture the diversity of what is passing through


Including steam charters and diesel hauled specials




So May's monthly Miscellany can be found here



A special on the Three Peaks with 68s and 37/s



June's miscellany won't be far away either


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Description of the various trains on the youtube link. I've blended the Three Peaks footage in as well





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So we had mixed emotions a couple of days ago at our annual Depot open day, this year held at our Carlisle Kingmoor depot. The excitement of the show was tempered by the sad news that a colleague of ours, Train driver Tony Kaye, had passes away the day before  the show after a brave battle against illness. Knowing Tony's love of the Class37/4s we decided to honour him by putting a wreath on recently re-liveried 37 419






Once we had done that we gave Tony a celebratory 'thrash' of 37 419 and 37 409 with a Class 68 adding to the clag in the background



I was honoured to have had Tony as a colleague and a friend and wish his family well



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Its a scene of great contrasts round here at the moment. In the space of a couple of days you can go from watching the 1951 built, 7P Brittania class 4-6-2 on a charter through 1960s Class 37s on Network rail test trains, new Diesel/25kv AC hybrid Class 68s through to the brand new, still on test runs, Class 195 DMUs


Class leader no. 70000 'Brittania' came through in awful weather but was worth chasing over the hill to Lindal after it passed through Askam




In Manchester Picadilly station a couiple of our Class 68s finished in the TPE livery were on Driver training runs


68 020 'Reliance' was on a Longsight to york run




Standing in the platform 68 032 'Destroyer' was on the reverse working York to Longsight




Cannot get used to locos with no yellow ends!


One of the 195s in revenue service stands at Carnforth on a Barrow-Manchester Airport train




These are being built by CAF in Spain with some assembly in the U.K


I've not put any Class 142s in the video. The much despised 'Pacer' DMUs are now living on borrowed time so I'm not making the mistake I made when the first generation diesel railcars were withdrawn and am phorograhing them wherever I can. Report to follow


Video at



Roll call

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly Class 66 66 142 465L Trafford-Southampton

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly DMU 195 118 1C52 Manc Airport-Barrow

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly DMU 195 102 1F94 Manc Airport-Liverpool

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly DMU 195 120 1H40 Manchester Airport

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly Class 68 68 020 Reliance 0Z68 Longsight-Siemens York

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly Class 70 70 005 474L Southampton-Trafford Park

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly Class 68 68 032 Destroyer 0M67 York-Longsight

18/07/2019 Manchester Picadilly Class 68 68 032 Destroyer 0M67 York-Longsight

19/07/2019 Armathwaite Class 66 66 423 682E Carlisle-Basford Hall

19/07/2019 Armathwaite Class 70 70 814 624E Crewe-Chirk Kronospan

02/08/2019 Green Road Class 57 57 316 & 57 314 1Z60 Man Vic-Ravenglass

2/08/2019 Thwaites Flat Class 57 57 314 & 57 316 1Z62 Carlisle-Liverpool

02/08/2019 Dalton in Furness Class 57 57 314 & 57 316 1Z62 Carlisle-Liverpool

10/08/2019 Leyland Class 88 88 001 & 88 002 Revolution 6C65 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

14/08/2019 Askam in Furness Brittania 70000 Brittania 1Z72 Carlisle-Crewe

14/08/2019 Lindal in Furness Brittania 70000 Brittania 1Z72 Carlisle-Crewe

15/08/2019 Askam in Furness Class 37 37 259 & 37 218 193R Carlisle-Blackpool North

15/08/2019 Lindal in Furness Class 37 37 259 & 37 218 193R Carlisle-Blackpool North

17/08/2019 Carnforth Class 68 68 004 & 68 001 Rapid 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

17/08/2019 Carnforth DMU 195 114 1U93 Barrow-Manc A

17/08/2019 Carnforth Class 88 88 007 Electra Mossend-Daventry

17/08/2019 Carnforth Class 47 47 851 & 47 854 5Z42 Carnforth-York Holgate

17/08/2019 Carnforth Class 66 66 095 474c Daventry-Grangemouth

18/08/2019 Carnforth Class 66 66 568 681L Garstang Catteral-Carlisle N yard

18/08/2019 Carnforth DMU 195 114 1U93 Barrow-Manc A

20/08/2019 Lancaster Class 66 66 614 687T Hardendale-Tunstead


Shows the variey of what is around


Next video will also have a lot of different stuff including a working industrial line in Preston.






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So I mentioned a working Industrial line. This is Ribble Rail which serves the Bitumen facility in the west end of the City of Preston and shares its tracks with the Ribble Steam railway museum.


Rolls Royce Sentinel chain driven diesel shunter 'Progress'  was in action on the day I took our Brooklyn there swapping Full for empty VTG tanks




At the platform a survivor from the British rail 1950s modernisation program, Waggon Und Maschinenbau  4 wheel railbus E79960 was on midweek train service




A few days later I was on my way to show Republic Steel at the Loughborough Model railway exhibition and called in at the Ecclesbourne Valley railway. This is the preserved , former Midland railway brach to Wirksworth in Derbyshire.


British Railways standard 2MT 2-6-0 78018 was in action on the return journey down to the mainline junction at Duffield




Built at Darlington works in 195 these were the sort of small branch lines locos swept away by the influx of the diesel railcars. thankfully three have survived into preservation


The railway is becming a centre of excellence for the restoration of first generation DMUs and this rare Derby Lightweight is an example




More tomorrow


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Classic traction is also evident


31 601 and 33 103 both in railfreight grey




Back on the mainline the Sellafield to Crewe CLS nuclear working had no less then three class 68 diesel electrics and one Class 88 Diesel/25KV AC Hybrid on the point. There was a reason for this, the front pair were carrying onto the south coast with the little PFA flat wagons and the rear pair were taking the flatrols to a power station.


seen passing Park South signalbox




68s were top and tailed on the Carlisle to Norwich NENTA railtour and are seen at Dunnerholme with the Cumbrian Fells in the distance




video featuring all of these at



Roll call 

21/08/2019 Preston 4wDHR Perm MTU 001 of 1991 98404

21/08/2019 Preston 4wDH RR 10283 of 1968 Progress Shunting Bitumen tanks

24/08/2019 Plumpton Class 68 68 001 Evolution & 68 004 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

24/08/2019 Plumpton Class 68 68 003 Astute & 68 017 0K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

30/08/2019 Wirksworth BR Std 2MT  2-6-0 78018 Wirksworth-Duffield-Wirksworth

07/09/2019 Park South Class 68 68 004 Rapid &88 004, 68 033,68 034, 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

07/09/2019 Dalton in Furness Class 68 68 004 Rapid &88 004, 68 033,68 034, 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

07/09/2019 Dunnerholme Class 68  68 017 Hornet &68 005 1Z06 Carlisle-Norwich

12/09/2019 Scout Green Class 88 88 003 Genesis Mossend-Daventry

12/09/2019 Scout Green Class 68  ?  374E Carlisle-Crewe

14/09/2019 Roose Class 68 68 034  &68 002 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

14/09/2019 Roose 195 124 1U94 Barrow-Manchester Airport

14/09/2019 Thwaites Flat Class 68 68 034 &68 002 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

14/09/2019 Thwaites Flats Class 88 88 009 Diana &88 002 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

14/09/2019 Lindal in Furness Class 88 88 009 Diana &88 002 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS



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Now that our Brooklyn is a little bit more grown up I decided it was time to let him loose with one of the Panasonic camcorders. Our intended target was LMS Jubilee 45690 'Leander' on a Carlisle to London Euston  excursion. Picking it up first across the Duddon estuary he then filmed it coming through Kirkby in Furness before we shot over the hill in grannies car to get it again at Lindal in Furness. The tripod was a bit notchy for him but otherwise he made a pretty good job of his first railway film.




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North West rail action September-October 2019

So the weather is starting to close in since the clocks went back but there is still an interesting variety of rail moves to film in the North west of England at this time of year


We start with the new Class 331 EMUs in the first weeks of deployment seen at Kirkham and Wesham, Poulton Le Fylde and Preston with a soon to be withdrawn (Maybe) Class 142 still handling a Blackpool South train. The CAF built 331s share a common bodyshell with the new Class 195 DMUs large.IMG_1029crop.jpg.3beb64f91911125d316c16c1c9992792.jpg


Kirkby in Furness sees a DRS Barrow RD to Sellafield move with 68 004 and 68 018 'Top and tailing'




Jubilee 4-6-0 'Leander'  still in British rail black livery on an excursion followed shortly after by a pair of LSL heritage class 47s on a special






more soon



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BR 4-6-2 70000 Britannia was found cooking nicely at Crewe station before a positioning move.




At Cumwhinton heading southbound on the Settle to Carlisle a class 70 has a good load on the 'Log train'




next at Carlisle Citadel, where a pair of Class 90s are in charge of the Mossend to Daventry intermodal




this was followed by a debranded Class 390 Pendolino. The Virgin wrapping has been removed pending First group-Tren Italia branding being applied following their successful bid to take over the West Coast franchise. see on the video


Latest installment of the video series here




roll call


video roll call


20/09/2019 Kirkham & Wesham 331 008 1F07 Blackpool North-Liverpool Lime Street

20/09/2019 Kirkham & Wesham 331 007  1N86 Liverpool Lime St-Blackpool North

20/09/2019 Kirkham & Wesham 142 094 2S58 Blackpool South-Preston

20/09/2019 Poulton Le Fylde 331 008  1F00 Blackpool North-Liverpool Lime Street

20/09/2019 Poulton Le Fylde 319 378 1N60 Manchester Airport-Blackpool North

24/09/2019 Preston 331 008  1F09 Blackpool North-Liverpool Lime Street

25/09/2019 Kirkby in Furness 68 004 & 68 018 6X24 Barrow RD- Sellafield

28/09/2019 Kirkby in Furness 45590 Leander 1Z87 Carlisle-London Euston

28/09/2019 Lindal in Furness 45590 Leander 1Z87 Carlisle-London Euston

28/09/2019 Askam in Furness D1924(47 830) &  47 614 Crewe Diesel depot 1Z59 Appleby-Holyhead

02/10/2019 Crewe 70000 Brittania

10/10/2019 Askam in Furness 66 599 022Z Carlisle NY-Barrow

10/10/2019 Askam in Furness 66 599 005A Barrow-Carlisle NY

16/10/2019 Cumwhinton 70 817 665L Carlisle NY-Chirk Kronospan

31/10/2019 Carlisle Citadel 90 029 & 90 040 481P Mossend-Daventry

31/10/2019 Carlisle Citadel 390 151 1M08 Glasgow-London Euston

31/10/2019 Carlisle Citadel 70 811 656S Dalston-Grangemouth



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They dropped it from the cranes and broke its back. 70 012 was deemed beyond repair and returned to G.E




Thats why we were on tenterhooks every time we unloaded our Class 68s off the boats!





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So my latest Northwest Miscellany video concentrates on some track renewals on the Cumbrian Coast. Now most engineering work is done at nights and weekends so it is pot luck whatb the light and weather is like.


Starting with a Class 66 on driver route learning there is then an extended section of the relaying of the single line section between Park South and Barrow in Furness. In action is a Kirow 25 ton Diesel hydraulic crane placing preformed curved track panels for the tight curve at Thwaite Flats




in between each run of the crane an Autoballaster wagon running radio controlled on the ballast shuttled stone from the rest of the train to the delivery point. I did not know they could do this! This bit has been edited down as it moves really, really slowly.




I could have gone for a cup of coffee while it crawled backwards and forwards!



The rest of the video shows train movements from track renewal further north between Bootle and Drigg with a Tamper move to the site followed by a procession of engineers train conveying reclaimed track panels and ballast. Variable weather conditions and a couple of night shots made filming problematic at times. This shot of a Class 66 was awful until I stuffed it through Photoshop




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Spent a pleasant day yesterday taking the little ones on a Steam hauled 'Santa special' over the Yorkshire Dales with 46115 'Scots Guardsman' in charge, The elves kept the kids occupied for the four hour trip with singing, games and dancing and the adults were served Mulled wine, Lancashire Hotpot ( a sort of stew) and mince pies. Being on the train I couldn't really get much of it until we got to Hellifield at the south end of the Settle and Carlisle where we stopped for watering. Fresh snow on the platforms kept the kids amused for half an hour having a snowball fight until it was time to reboard. Run by West Coast rail it was an excellent day out





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So I started 2020 in quite an optimistic mood having seen the schedule for steam galas, charter trains, interesting new rolling stock coming into passenger service plus some special freight trains..in the dark day months started filming Network test trains still with the venerable Class 37s in charge but it started to become apparent early March that the pandemic was going to bite.

We managed to get the Macclesfield model railway show away just before the lockdown but after that it all ground to a halt.

So there are two new videos on my youtube channel

The first one is the 'dark day month' one with still quite an intersting mixture. seen are..

01/01/2020 Askam in Furness DMU 156 480 in the RAF 100 anniversary livery on 2C35 Barrow-Sellafield
01/01/2020 Askam in Furness class 37 259 & 37 059 on 131X Derby RTC-Carlisle IM service
21/01/2020 Askam in Furness 37 059 & 37 259 Derby RTC-Carlisle IM service
16/02/2020 Dalton in Furness a very smoky 57 001 on 0Z56 Carnforth-Sellafield Route proving train after Storm Denis
16/02/2020 Askam in Furness 57 001 0Z56
16/02/2020 Askam in Furness 57 001 0Z57 Sellafield-Carnforth Route proving
16/02/2020 Pennington 57 001 0Z57 Sellafield-Carnforth Route proving
18/02/2020 Askam in Furness 37 409 Lord Hinton and 37 424 Avro Vulcan on 146H Derby RTC-Carlisle IM service
27/02/2020 Crewe 56 090 on ballasts headed north
28/02/2020 Crewe Station 67 001 on 1D10 Crewe-Holyhead
28/02/2020 Crewe Station 57 308 Jamie Ferguson 0C57 Crewe-Preston Thunderbird
13/03/2020 Plumley 66 137 691H Knowsley-Wilton waste train
13/03/2020 Plumley 60 021 6E10 Tuebrook-Drax Biomass
13/03/2020 Plumley 70 003 6H35 Runcorn Folly Lane-Northenden waste train
13/03/2020 Plumley 66 112 632J Peak Forest-Dallam stone
13/03/2020 Plumley 70 016 621L Hardendale-Tunstead Quarry stone
21/03/2020 Park South 88 007 Electra on 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS
21/03/2020 Furness Abbey 88 007 Electra 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

So we have Classes 37, 56,57,50,66,67 68,70 and 88. Not a bad mix




So as the lockdown eased the U.K enjoyed a protracted period of beautiful weather and as were allowed out to exercise i took the opportunity to get out witm my cameras. As I said the expected charter trains had bit the dust and the regular passenger services had been decimated. However the rail company I work for ran all the trains expected as we had to keep the power stations operating. I chose to concentrate on recording trains in the Cumbrian landscape . The skies were blue, the lansdcape was greening up, there were no passenger jets flying overhead and the roads were quiet!

This was the result



23/04/2020 Askam in Furness 37 403 Isle of Mull and 37 424 Avro Vulcan Derby RTC-Carlisle

09/05/2020 Barrow in Furness 88 009 Diana and 68 002 Intrepid 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

12/05/2020 Askam in Furness 37 254 Cardiff Canton 3Q92 Barrow C.S-York Thrall Europa

13/05/2020 Askam in Furness 68 004 Rapid and 68 016 Fearless 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

13/05/2020 Furness Abbey Tunnel (my favourite new place once I discovered the secret pathway to it) 69 004 Rapid and 68 016 Fearless 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

13/05/2020 Furness Abbey Tunnel 68 001 Evolution and 88 005 Minerva 6C46 Sellafield-Kingmoor

15/05/2020 Furness Abbey 68 004 Rapid and 68 002 Intrepid 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

15/05/2020 Thwaite Flats 69 004 Rapid and 68 002 Intrepid 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

15/05/2020 Lindal (A590) 68 001 Evolution and 88 009 Diana 6C22 Carlisle Kingmoor-Sellafield

15/05/2020 Askam in Furness 69 001 Evolution and 88 009 Diana 6C22 Carlisle Kingmoor-Sellafield

16/05/2020 Park South 88 009 Diana and 68 002 Intrepid 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

16/05/2020 Furness Abbey Tunnel 89 009 Diana and 68 002 Intrepid 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

20/05/2020 Kirkby in Furness 88 009 Diana and 68 001 Evolution 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

20/05/2020 Kirkby in Furness 68 002 Intrepid and 68 004 Rapid 6C22 Seaton-Sellafield

22/05/2020 Plumpton 88 008 Ariadne and 68 001 Evolution 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

26/05/2020 Dunneroam 68 004 Rapid and 68 002 Intrepid Sellafield-Kingmoor DRS

27/05/2020 Kirkby in Furness 68 001 Evolution and 88 008 Ariadne 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

27/05/2020 Kirkby in Furness 68 018 Vigilant and 88 004 Pandora 6C22 Seaton-Sellafield



29/05/2020 Park South 88 008 Ariadne and 68 001 Evolution 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield
30/05/2020 Thwaites Flats 68 001 Evolution and 88 008 Ariadne 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS
30/05/2020 Furness Abbey Tunnel 68 001 Evolution and 88 008 Ariadne 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS
02/06/2020 Askam in Furness (White bridge) 88 006 Juno and 68 017 Hornet 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield
02/06/2020 Askam in Furness 66 118 and 66 094 334Q Carlisle NY-Carlisle NY Weedkiller
02/06/2020 Lindal in Furness 66 118 and 66 094 334Q Carlisle NY-Carlisle NY Weedkiller


The weedkiller is interesting. It is normally a self powered Windhoff MPV but this week it ran hauled top and tailed by two DB Class 66s




we will see what the rest of the summer brings



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3 hours ago, kevsmiththai said:

01/01/2020 Askam in Furness DMU 156 480 in the RAF 100 anniversary livery on 2C35 Barrow-Sellafield

On a semi-related note: A couple of years ago, whilst heading to Edinburgh, I happened to see the unveiling of this unit, whilst I was sat on a Mk4 at Newcastle! There appeared to be a member of the Royal Family present, and there were armed guards along the platform!


Fantastic footage though! Gotta love the old 37's!

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There were a lot RAF Top brass and some RAF veterans  if I recall correctly


I used to ride this one fairly regularly to work but since the pandemic started I'm WFH most of the time. The tables inside have all been decorated with RAF history stuff which looks really good


Looking through my files I haven't got a really good shot of it yet. 




I'll make it one of my summer projects



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So last night I was editing the latest youtube video when I realised I never posted the link to the June-July one. I know some of you are subscribers and will have seen it anyway.

I'd been out to try some different locations including the island platform at Foxfield station and also the coast line at Braystones, north of Sellafield, where the single line section hugs the coastal cliffs. Interesting trains inlude the weed killer train, where the normally self-propelled MPV obviously has issues and is top and tailed with a pair of class 66s and 37 219 'Jonty Jarvis' fitted with the de-mountable test equipment. The shots at Plumpton involved three cameras. The two Panasonics on tripods and the Canon EOS in video mode 'hand held




roll call is as follows

05/06/2020 Foxfield 88 006 & 68 017 Juno 6C53 Crewe CLS-Sellafield

06/06/2020 Foxfield 68 002 & 68 004 Intrepid 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS

06/06/2020 Plumpton 195 126 1C51 Manchester Airport-Barrow in Furness 06/06/2020 Plumpton 195 116 1U80 Barrow in Furness-Manchester Airport

06/06/2020 Plumpton 68 002 & 68 004 Intrepid 6K73 Sellafield-Crewe CLS


09/06/2020 Dalton in Furness 195 116 1C54 Manchester Airport-Barrow in Furness

09/06/2020 Dalton in Furness 66 723 Chinook 0C66 Route leaning Carlisle NY-Carlisle NY

09/06/2020 Askam in Furness 66 723 Chinook 0C66 Route leaning Carlisle NY-Carlisle NY

15/06/2020 Lindal in Furness 66 199 & 66 139 371X MPV 98912 Wigan L.I.P-Carlisle NY




15/06/2020 Askam in Furness 66 199 & 66 139 371X MPV 98912 Wigan L.I.P-Carlisle NY

18/06/2020 Askam in Furness 37 423 7 37 407 Spirit of the Lakes 199C terminated Ulverston Carlisle Wapping to Blackpool North

25/06/2020 Braystones 68 017 & 68 003 2C51 Routed North Sellafield-Heysham

14/07/2020 Kirkby in Furness 37 219 Jonty Jarvis 095P Demountable test equipment Carlisle NY-Carlisle NY via Barrow



14/07/2020 Foxfield 37 219 Jonty Jarvis 095P Demountable test equipment Carlisle NY-Carlisle NY via Barrow



The August video see the return of steam to the Cumbrian Coast, Hurrah!!!


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It is rather like coming out of winter as the U.K eases the lockdown brought in for the Pandemic. gradually the museums and preserved railways are starting to open up albeit in a social distanced fashion. Amongst the first were lines that had retained compartment stock rather than the open carriages used now, by being able to allocate compartments to family groups social distancing can be maintained but it does mean you have to book in advance. Some railways have decided not to run at all in 2020 but save their efforts for next year.


On the main line all the charters trains and scheduled steam fell victim to the lockdown but two weeks ago a new enterprise 'Rail charter services' started to run a regular excursion train along the classis section of the famous 'Settle to Carlisle' line using LSLs heritage diesels


When I took our Brooklyn to practice his camera skills we found 47 593 'Galloway Princess' on one end of the top and tailed train




D6817 (Actually 37 521 on TOPS) in classic BR Green was on the north end



On the freight side at DRS where I work we began a 12 week campaign taking stone trains into Drigg from a virtual quarry at Barrow Docks. Brand new VTG JNA open wagons top and tailed by EMD Class 66s


66 421 and 66 091 seen through the heat haze approach Kirkby in Furness with the empties as the Cumbrian fells rise in the distance





slowly going through Kirkby station after negotiating the tight curve over the river Duddon




more later


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Another tight curve as the train inches along the Ramsden Dock Branch at Barrow



66 091 is one we have leased off rivals DB Cargo ( ex Ed Burkhardts EWS) due to a motive power shortage. It is freshly pained in our new 'Plain DRS' Livery




So I promised steam. 46100 'Royal Scot' the loco that gave the class its name headed south from Carlisle to Crewe on the 'Lakelander'


Making fine progress though Askam. Note the not, very, socially distanced crowd. It was all over facebook a couple of days before!




After it passed a few of us headed over the hills to get it again at  Lindal. in the middle of nowhere really there were dozens of people waiting for it. It was like a scene from 'Zulu Dawn'!



The trip was not without its dramas. on the way down to Carlisle it had started several lineside fires on the West Coast main Line.


On the way back it has to be halted at  MIllom so a passenger taken ill on it could be transferred to an ambulance



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Roll call for video


07/08/2020 Kirkby Stephen West D6817 & 47 593  169Q Skipton-Appleby 


07/08/2020 Appleby 47 593 & D6817 Galloway Princess 170Q Appleby-Skipton


07/08/2020 Appleby 66 083  616W New Biggin-Tees Dock


07/08/2020 Appleby D6817 & 47 593  171Q Skipton-Appleby 


07/08/2020 Appleby  47 593 & D6817 Galloway Princess 172Q Appleby-Skipton


13/08/2020 Dalton in Furness 37 407 Blackpool Tower 136S Carlisle-Blackpool North



14/08/2020 Kirkby in Furness 66 421 Gresty Bridge TMD 676M Sellafield-Barrow ABP


 14/08/2020 Barrow ABP 66 091 676M Sellafield-Barrow ABP


14/08/2020 Askam in Furness 66 091 651N Barrow ABP-Sellafield


15/08/2020 Askam in Furness 46100 RoyalScot 1Z63  Carlisle-Crewe


15/08/2020 Lindal in Furness 46100 RoyalScot 1Z63 Carlisle-Crewe


Video at







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