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A trip to Nikko and beyond, 2012.


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Although I've visited Japan many times, one place that I never got to was  Nikko.

Nikko is about 140k north of Tokyo, up in the mountains, a very famous tourist spot, and the resting place of the Tokugawa Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa.

It is also an important religious centre for the Japanese Imperial Family.

One can get to Nikko from Tokyo by three rail routes, one direct, one partly direct and one very round about.

So, on the morning of 1st. Oct 2012, I got up.at 0600, breakfasted, caught the Yamanote Loop from Tabata station to Ueno, and there boarded the 0826 Komachi Shinkansen on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line for Utsonomiya, arriving there at 0918.

Thence to the JR Nikko Line platform, where a three car EMU in dark red and cream livery was waiting.

There was a bit of time before departure, so I got into conversation with a Japanese lady, who was from Brazil, where there is a large Japanese population.

Departure, 0957, not many passengers, A JR Nikko 1042.

A pleasant trip up into the mountains, this is the 'partly direct route' to Nikko.

JR Nikko station is an old style station, with a large part at one end for an Imperial section, and a very big police station outside.

Up the road from JR Nikko is Tobu Nikko a big, modern building.

The Tobu rly runs to Nikko from Ikebukuro on the Yamanote Loop, and is the direct route..

From Tobu Nikko there is a line, ex JNR, now run by four(?) private companies, including Tobu, right through the mountains to Aizu Wakamatsu, and this was my next journey.

I thought that I would have to buy separate tickets for the various railways, but on enquiry at the booking office (English spoken there), there was a through DMU all the way to Aizuwa.. at 1135, so I got a ticket for this train Y3,390, no cards accepted.

The train was a red two car DMU of the Aizu Railway, one of the constituent railways, 

 Boarded, only a couple of other passengers, off at 1135, short run, then reversal, all the seats were turned around, and off through the mountains in good weather.

This is onsen country, the most famous of which is the Kunogawa Onsen, Tobu runs through Ltd. Expresses to this place from Tokyo.

A very interesting and scenic run through the mountains, arriving at Aizu Wakamatsu at 1408.

There changed into a JR EMU, d Aizu Wa... at 1506 on the Nishi Banetsu Line.

This break allowed me to have a somewhat delayed lunch.

Arrived Koriyama 1620, caught 1637 Yamabiko for Tokyo, Ueno A. 1720, then back to Tabata for dinner and bed.

A very interesting trip!

This last section, Tobu Nikko Aizu Wa.. Tokyo is the very round-about trip mentioned earlier on.

For anyone wanting to do this trip now-a-days, I reckon taking a Tobu Spacia Ltd. Exp., would give one more time in Nikko for a bit of sightseeing, at an additional cost, but one would have to make sure that one still , caught the through DMU from Tobu Nikko to Aizu Wa. to be able to do the round trip in one day.

Assuming it's still now running, and at 1135 from Tobu Nikko.








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A correction to my previous post on Tokyo to Nikko by Tobu Rly.

There is a Tobu terminus at Ikebukuro, but this is not the terminus for Nikko. 

That is across the other side of Tokyo, at Asakusa.

So, don't go wandering around the Tobu station at Ikebukuro looking for the express to Nikko, there ain't one there!

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa!




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Bill, have you taken pictures during your adventures in Japan? You regularly post interesting stories, which a couple of photos could make it more lively.

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Got some shots, trying to work out how to put these into the system.

Pretty dumb with regard to this electronic stuff!

Will see what I can work out.




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