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Trainsetter (Germany)


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Hello everybody,

we from Trainsetter GbR would like to integrate you with our products !

For December we have several projects, which are nearing finished. Unfortunately not all projects can be delivered immediately, we would like to know from you, which product should be available for Santa Claus? The following products are available for selection:

- Shelter for museum vehicles with pedestal in cardboard construction (similar to the object in link >> push me! <<)

- Catenary with hooks for track Z (1: 220)

- Embankment barriers, with chain imitation and simple ironing, for the area between the tracks (similar to the object in link >> push me! <<)

- Platform surfaces for gluing (similar designs as the stickers known in Japan!)

- a skyscraper or office building, max. 400mm high, in cardboard construction. Worldwide execution!

I would like to ask a moderator for a survey, unfortunately I could not find anything about this?!

I thank you in advance for your participation!

Best regards,



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Wow, those wires look REALLY cool! I can't believe I haven't seen these until now!

Are they still only available by emailing or messaging you?

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Hi Phil,


thank you very much for your message. Please use the email-address in your pm.

We still have a few sets of Hänschen in stock, a reorder is planned for May. The Z prototype will also be available in May at the earliest, since I still have to wait for feedback from a well-known German diorama builder.

Edit: i set the email-address into the first post.

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New! Our “Hanni“ for Z-gauge (1:220). 2x 220mm & 4x 110mm long, made for Rokuhan! Available in the next 3 month! :




New update for “Haenschen“. Now without sticking, only hang in! :




New! Our suspension for transverse support structure of double-tracked lines!




Enjoy it!


Best regards,


Ulli Liedtke

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Hello dear model railroaders,

Today the video was uploaded by the Japanese Youtuber Susukuma with our latest overhead line.

Unfortunately the video is spoken in Japanese, but the video is self-explanatory. Have fun watching!



Best regards,


Ulli Liedtke

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Many Thanks! Unfortunately we are still under construction with our overhead wire system. When this system ready and the Trainsetter website is online, 3D parts will appear. A newsletter for 2021 will be published in December. A little patience 🙂

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Good Morning,


We are proud to announce that we will soon be offering T-Trak, NCI and Fremo N-RE modules.


But at the beginning we start with T-Trak modules:


Single (308mm x 300mm x 70mm)
Double (618 mm x 300 mm x 70 mm)
Triple (928mm x 300mm x 70mm)
Corner 90 ° R282-315 (365 mm x 365 mm x 70 mm)


In addition, you can also install a background wall, which we will of course offer.


Other versions, such as T-module, 180 ° reversible module, swiveling, etc., will follow in the 2nd quarter of 2021.


All products are Made in Germany and will soon be available at www.Spur-N-Teile.de
As soon as the articles are uploaded I will put the link here!


Best regards




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Big news! Our website, in german, is ready! Please visit us at www.trainsetter.de


We will try to include an english part in the near future.


Best regards,





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We recognised issues and we are working on it. Still it works better with a Smartphone.

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Site looks nice and functions well on iPad browsers and auto translates well on chrome.





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Hello to each other,


As you have probably already noticed, there have been problems with the procurement of materials in all areas of life not only since the Ukraine crisis. We are also affected here with stainless steel sheets and non-ferrous metals. That's why we're currently leaving all announcements that have already been made and upcoming innovations on the back burner until the situation improves again. We would prefer to present the items to you in the deliverable condition instead of putting you off with the fact that delivery is currently not possible.


We thank you for your understanding.


Best regards Ulli

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