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The greenmax 14 collection


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Hello. I have acquired a fairly substantial lot of greenmax kits on ebay so I am creating a post dedicated to the kits from this lot. This is where I will blog/journal and talk about each kit in different stages of the build. There are 14 kits, 6 with power units and 8 economy kits. I am no stranger to greenmax kits and lately they have really been my thing.


All of these kits are older releases and some are packaged far differently than what I am used to in the newer kits. I wish they still packaged the decal sheets for starters, the old economy kits have them.


I occasionally see people ask questions about greenmax kits so I am hoping to share what I have learned to help others if they are contemplating on greenmax.


....so what's next? The keikyu 1500 series of course. I am a keikyu fan and their rolling stock dominates my collection. So I will get to that kit first and share the updates when they come. Until then,







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