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Japanese bullet train operator to aim at its own cleaning 'miracle' (7 minute miracle)

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From the The Mainichi:


NAGOYA (Kyodo) -- In a move to better compete with a rival train operator's famous "seven-minute miracle" for cleaning a bullet train between its arrival and departure, Central Japan Railway Co. will shave off two minutes from its own shinkansen cleaning work, beginning next spring.



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Second article from The Japan Times



Shinkansen operator JR Central eyes own cleaning 'miracle' as it competes with rival


JR Central plans to complete the cleaning of its 16-car Nozomi bullet trains at Tokyo Station in around 10 minutes, still longer than East Japan Railway Co.’s seven minutes.


According to staff at the Nagoya-based train operator, 52 cleaning staff belonging to a subsidiary, Shinkansen Maintenance Tokai Co., take care of the 16-car trains, tidying their seats, mopping the floor and cleaning the toilets after passengers get off and before the next passengers get on.


JR Central staff said the reduction in cleaning time is necessitated by a plan to increase the number of Nozomi services beginning in spring 2020, requiring a quicker turnaround of trains.



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