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Kobaru Company to close.

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They had some stock of stuff sitting around. 


I went back again and grabbed some motorcycles as I realized i only had a few and they were the only ones making many ninja bikes. Need them for a traffic scene!



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On 6/25/2019 at 4:53 PM, Drunkenclam said:


I saw them, But couldn't understand why there is a girl in the Good Young Man set lol


Hobbysearch are still listing 122 items as not sold out.

so maybe I can still get 3 sets of cheerleaders 🙂


I imagined her as the sukeban and the guys as her lackeys. I wish the cheerleaders came in more than one pose, also upset I passed on these ones:


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(4th November 2022) Sakatsu, a Japanese hobby shop has reissued some of the etched Kobaru N scale accessories- maybe (I haven't looked recently) some of the plastic accessories too. My guess is that Kobaru went bust through over-enthusiasm; at one point they seemed to be issuing new items at a dizzying rate and may have over-reached themselves.


I've also noticed that Pro-Hobby, which produced some beautiful N scale etched items similar to those of Kobaru, have given up on their etched products, seemingly focusing instead on 3D printed items, which to my mind are not as good. 


This is an old thread, but this post may be useful. 


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Thanks Tim, my very bad as I started the new topic about Sakatsu Global when they picked up the Kobaru line but for got to put a link here to it!


yes they have been doing many of the kobaru items and also the old pro hobby stuff as well. Bad shop to browse thru as you quickly have a pile of details piles up and your credit card howling! Sakatsu is a very good shop, ordered from them a few times now and all great experiences.


kobaru went back to their main business of model building, the intimated production and inventory wasn’t very much fun!


many pro hobby/icom details also are now on Sakatsu as well. Their figures are cast Pewter. They still have a number of their etched metal kits on Sakatsu as well.







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