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TRod's First Layout


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On 6/10/2019 at 4:24 AM, RogerK said:



Here is my best shot at a plan for a 720 x 2040 layout using your current list of track (except for the optional bridge).




The green incline section on the left is 1580mm, so the grade is 3.2% with 282mm curves.

The purple incline section on the right is 1850mm, so the grade is 2.7% with 249mm curves.




Outside loopisonly just fits in, still needs measuring to see if it's right. Will build an extension for a yard.


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X over at the platform is not ideal, will also have to put turnouts between inside and middle at the back but otherwise should be ok and fun. If l move a wardrobe, out of sight to the left, l can extend the length, get the entire suburban platform in and move the x-over.

I get to use my 90° x over on the left to feed into the turntable, really wanted and happy to use this.

I'll  also play around with elevating the outside left a little bit to make it interesting, l bought three different foam inclines recently. The extension for a proper yard/staging area can wait until this layout is done. I'll  join it from outside right loop.

Not to complicated, happy days.

If l change my mind, ban me!

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Current layout is 2040 x 800 and l just happen to be nocking down half a workshop with a large 1800 x 900 table in it and, and buying some shelving.

Will extend layout to 2700 x 900. No incline troubles now.

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Work has begun on a 2400x1200 layout.

The left side incline is a bit steep but l don't  care. Will just see how it goes once I have temporarily fixed the track in place with supports.


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