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Hello from Texas


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I only got back into trains about six months ago, but I've been interested in modeling most of my life(primarily wargames). I'm super new to the whole n scale thing and to anything approaching a real layout, but just by posting occasionally and lurking, I've picked up a lot from you knowledgeable folks! Thanks for being so informative in your discussions! I got interested in Japanese trains because I liked the idea of passenger focused transit, rather than freight, and reading online said that Japan was where it was at, especially in regards to n scale, which I knew I wanted to do because of space limitations. 


I'm a historian by training, so my natural instinct is to read everything possible before jumping in, so this whole model =railroad thing is kind of a departure, because I really want to actually build it. I'm not sure whether I have a location I'm interested in, or an era beyond roughly the present, so I'm primarily collecting trains that I think look cool(and I can afford).


Thanks for being here and being welcoming!



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welcome! That’s the fun of model railroading as you can approach if from what ever angle, and go back and redo it as your fancy changes! Also Japanese modeling provides such a variety of trains and scenes to play with.





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Martijn Meerts

With a Japanese layout you can go pretty much everywhere, there seems to be a prototype for everything 🙂

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European also encompasses a lot of passenger rail.  But don't get sucked into it as the models are expensive...



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