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Railway barrier / fence positioning

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For those not familiar Japanese train lines are often fences off in places where buildings do not close in the right-of-way with repurposed railway cross ties or barriers made of concrete. It adds to  the distinctive look of Japanese railways.


I getting close to adding railway barriers or fences to my layout and I see conflicting application of these items.  The barriers would be placed at least at the end of ballast, but do the railways have  intentional landscaping inside the fences?  Mother nature will do what she wants to do unless railway track crews are very diligent.


For anyone not familiar these are the railway barriers and fences available:


Greenmax 2108 Railway barriers made with crossties

Greenmax 2109 Railway barriers of concrete

Greenmax 2503 Pre-colored Railway barriers made with crossties

Greenmax 2504  Pre-colored Railway barriers of concrete

Kato 23-223  Unitrack Precast Concrete Fence Sections

Tsugawa LA-42 Railway Barricade


I found one blog that shows push pins being used in the installation of the barriers.  http://katsumi-net.jugem.jp/?eid=1367

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Thank you. A great suggestion for those using Tomix Wide PC rail. I'm using Tomix stock rail with hand ballasting. Here's my new Kato C11 this morning just past the station.

IMG_7146  1024 x 768.jpg

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This is Kato 23-223 fencing, painted a darker grey:



station-signal-2018-12-25_02 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


It's easy enough to install by drilling holes to match the pegs found at intervals along the bottom and glueing it in place with a PVA-style glue.

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interesting,,   Ive noticed that some rail lines, have some sort of fencing between the tracks also?? Has me thinking??

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