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Shopping galore in Tokyo

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First of all. My spelling is someway bad. Sorry for that.


I love Japan. And Tokyo is awesome in every way. This was my 7th trip to this fine country. The first 5 time was all about eating and drinking all around Japan. Last trip was all about purchasing synthesizers. And eating and drinking. This trip was all about buying N-scale trains, tracks etc and eating and drinking😃😃


And Tokyo NEVER disapoint. Thanks to this fine site, i had almost no problem, finding what i was looking for. I dident find all the listed shops in akihabara, but i was quiet happy with the shops i found. Its a goldmine. If you ever go to Tokyo for a short stay or are to busy to look for all the shops, Popondetta and TamTam Hobby will suit almost everybody. If you are even more busy, just go to Kato hobby center near Shinjuku center. They have all the trains. Even a little bit Tomix. They are very polite and proffesionel. 


Things took overhand here. I bought seriously to much. Not in weight, but in volume. All the boxes took so much space, so i had to buy an extra suitcase and 20 extra kilo on the airline. I was so depresing and stressfull when all the stuff couldent fit in the new suitcase. Going on the Streets in shinjuku to get the Narita Express with 2 suitcase and 2 bags nearly killed me. Thank God, i was in a very good time. 


I am off to 2 weeks, on a Beach i Thailand now. Just gonna dump all the stuff in a hotel in Bangkok, and then repack before departure back to Denmark. 


Before i left for Japan, i used the website 1999.jp for inspiration and made a wishlist on it, so things would be easy to remember. That site only works on english, outside Japan😫😫. I couldent log in or navigate around. It was all Japanese letters😂😂


Things i bought. 

4 shinkansen set. Full length will led room light installed. 

1 H5

1 700A

2 Hello Kitty Tomix


Narita Express full length room light

353 full length room light

1 D51 steam train with some very Nice cars to.

4 trams

Some extra cars i just found very exiting.


Double track viaduct for a decent size room. Both Kato and Tomix with various piers.

4 transformer (2 Kato and 2 Tomix)

And some extra stuff i cant remember now.


I has been, as always, a great pleasure to visit Japan. I will be back.

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Sounds like a wonderful trip! Always a good disaster to have so much to bring home. My first tip to japan many years ago I ended up wit an extra bag full of wind up toys. I was right at the duty level and was worried at customs as I didn’t have all the receipts. When the customs agent asked what was in the bag I said wind up toys. He looked at me like really? And said open it up. Toys spilled out! He wanted to see how a push flying helicopter worked so I did it and his boss came right over and chastised him and I was told to move along and I did.



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I'm not likely to ever get to Tokyo but I always say if I did go I would need to charter a second aircraft to bring everything back!!

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I did it the wrong way round, did the trip to Japan and realised when I got back that I had got interested in all things Japanese, so will now help the postal surface make money.

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On 5/3/2019 at 6:29 PM, Keith said:

I did it the wrong way round, did the trip to Japan and realised when I got back that I had got interested in all things Japanese, so will now help the postal surface make money.

Or more enjoyably make another trip 😁

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9 hours ago, bobbodaclown said:

Or more enjoyably make another trip 😁

I wanted to do the north west from Tokyo next holiday but my wife wants to go somewhere different the next time, her idea is the Maldives or somewhere to relax and not do much, Japan is not in the right direction for a stopover on the way. Lots of negotiation to come.

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On 5/6/2019 at 5:31 PM, Keith said:

But my wife wants to go somewhere different the next time...

You need my nine year old son. His constant "are we going to Japan this year?" makes it very easy to swing a trip. Plus the missus loving the place too helps 🤩

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A One month journey has come to its conclusion. Waiting for my plane in Bangkok to Copenhagen. I hope the costums will leave me alone. Cant wait to unpack it all 😃😃


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