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Japanese hotels and the rail fan ,Mk. II


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My Japanese travels have been either with a group, or solo or with a mate.

With a group, one gets the hotels that the group book.

But with solo or mate travel, one has to select an hotel.

When based in Tokyo, I generally used the JR Mets Hotel at Tabata.

Tabata is the seventh station north from Tokyo on the Yamanote Lop, served by both Yamanote Loop and Kehin -Tohoku trains.

JR Mets hotels are widespread throughout Japan and are usually good value.

Many are business type hotels, small rooms, but with all the conveniences,  and usually close to stations.

The Tabata Mets is about 100 yds from Tabata station, it has a basement dining room , and a first floor breakfast room, which provides a good buffet style breakfast.

This room overlooks a very busy rail area, there being the elevated ToHoku Shinkansen line, a separate double track line for Shinkansens coming and going to and from Tokyo station, and the 3'-6" gauge Tohoku Main Line, which sees freight and passenger workings. Tabata station itself is a bit blocked out by the station structure.

Along the wall of the breakfast room is a counter at which one can sit and eat whilst watching all the railway activities beyond.

One can sit there and guts up on the buffet breakfast and train watch also.

Looking at the JR Mets website, a price at Tabata Mets is given as Y 8,400, but that doesn't say for what sort of room.

Also, JR Pass user can get a discount at JR Mets hotels.

So, if you're a solo traveller, or with a mate, have a look at JR Mets Hotels for your accommodation.








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I find the Mets overpriced. Even with JRP discount.  As similar offerings from Toyoko Inn would be 5500-6500.


The bonus with Mets though is they are always closer to stations. So if you wanaa save 1K-2K yen a night. Walk 5 minutes to the station.

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My only problem with "Japanese" hotels, vs Western hotels in Japan, is that the Japanese hotels tend to have hard beds.   The facilities are usually nice, but usually the bed to firm for me.


We usually stay in Japanese hotels because of the cost and convenience, but if I can swing a stay at a Hilton (with points) or something, I do it because of the beds.   🙂


For our upcoming trip end of July and first half of August, we have a couple single nights in Tokyo, one in Hakodate, 3 in Sapporo, and 1 in Sendai already booked,   All Japanese hotels.  They look nice from the reviews and write-ups but I am not looking forward to the firm beds.   🙂



Oh, and I forgot, 3 nights at the Hilton by Disneyland on our way out, as I had a ton of Hilton points saved and paid for almost 2 of those three nights with points.

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When I was working in Japan the company often tried to swing hotels (on the US gov' dime, of course).  My first night I didn't even know where the ship was, I was just dropped off at the Naha double tree.  At least when I woke up I had a great view of the sunrise lighting up Asahibashi station on the Okinawa monarail.  Then a few weeks later it was the Chisun Grand in Sasebo (really recommend it, very comfortable, now renamed to Quintessa Hotel Sasebo).  Later there was the Sailors international in Yokohama (I pulled the short straw and missed the fancy hotel that has an arch over the old Yokohama freight line).  I also at times stayed in various cheap hotels depending on how much the company could swindle from the contract.  I have to say that wherever I stayed, even the bad hotel were better than the ship (except the one where the AC went out...)!  


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