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Problems posting picts

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tried to load some pics,,, kept telling me were to big??   Tried to re size them but still to big??   I missed something    laptop or camera not sure yet??

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Accepted file types jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, svg, txt, pdf · Max total size 4MB · Max file size 2MB


This is at the bottom of the window to type/make a post.


No individual image can be more than 2MB, and the post cannot contain any more than 4MB of total files.


So if you have say 1.5MB file sizes, that equals 4.5MB.  You'll need to use two posts for those 3x images.

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As kato says you will need fo reduce the file size further. You can use any image editing program to reduce the size of the picture to like 1000 pixels across and save as a jpeg at medium resolution and they should be like 250k in size so you could add a dozen or so that size to a post.


The steps are pretty similar in most image programs


A) open file in some sort of image program 


B) find the image resize option in the program


C) You will get a dialing asking how many pixels across you want the image, like 800 or 1000 is good. (It May have a toggle to use inches or pixels select pixels for the dimension)


D) do a “save as” or “save a copy” and in the save dialog choose jpeg for the file format and choose medium resolution. Save in a new folder somewhere with a new name so you will know it’s the smaller version when you go to find it to upload to the forum.


most phones and tablets don’t have easy built in ways to reduce the size of the photos taken on them. There are some add on apps to try and help with this or tricks you can do to reduce file sizes but it’s usually jot a simple process. Mail apps usually have an option when you attach a jpeg to an email that lets you set how big of an image you want to attach (so you don’t try to email 100mb of photos in one email) and it would be grand if it could work that way in things like file uploads, but they don’t. Btw you can use the mail trick of attaching photos you want downsized to an email at a Smaller size and email them to yourself and the ones that come back to you in the email are now reduced in size. The trick here on phones and tablets can be to find those smaller files on the phone to upload to the forum. Usually easier to manage all this on a laptop...



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When I take pictures on the phone the images are often too big to upload here—especially if the lighting was good and the picture shows a lot of detail. 




If I edit the image, and crop off something from the edges, it gets saved out at a much smaller size, even if I didn’t crop very much. This is probably because the camera doesn’t compress the image when it takes pictures, but the image editor does. 

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I'm using a free program called XNView to resize my images for posting. It's a great graphics viewing program, with easy to access crop and resize functions.

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I use Infranview and resize my images to 1024 x 768.  The procedure is not complicated.


I right click the image and select Open With....Infranview 32 bit

Once the photo is open, I click on Image, select Resize/Resample.

Then I click 1024 x 768 and click OK.

Then I always Save As (keeping the original) usually in this format IMG_7115 1024 x 768



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