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WaKi 8000 z-shorty conversion

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This is an easy one (at least if you can get hold of a PRMLoco WaMu 80000 or 380000), a WaKi 8000 z-shorty.

If you compare the PRMLoco chassis with a KoKi z-shorty, it's obvious that the KoKi fits almost perfectly with regards to its height.




Therefore, what you have to do with the KoKi is:

- cut of 1.5mm from each waggon end

- cut 5mm from the middle of the waggon

- cut of all locators for the containers

The KoKi is almost narrow enough to fir inside the WaMu body. Cutting or sanding of all embossed detail from the sides should do the trick.




A quick test, whether the combination runs on the 45mm radius - it does!




The body still sits a bit low, but that will change immedeately:

I first glued the two chassis parts on a piece of card (instead of butt joinig them), and that lifts the body some 0.2mm up.

To take possible bending stress I've also glued a strip of wood on top.




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The rest is just painting:

"Dark" for the bogies (here a mix of leather brown and anthrazit), blue and aluminum for the body - finished!


As one might expect, I spent most of the time with the painting (more precisely, with letting the paint dry), but it was a more than relaxed weekend project, anyway.













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