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Train simulators for PC or Android?

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Can anyone recommend some good train simulator games for PC or Android. My son has been playing "Train conductor world" and "Train racing 3D". Both of those are Android games that he plays on his PC using Blue stacks - a platform converter. I'm sort of jonesing for some train fun tool, since I've packed up my layout, but I'd like something better than these. Something more like Densha de go. Japanese would be optimal but not necessary.


Anyone able to suggest something? 

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Train Simulator Classic (has Japanese trains via DLC, has many trains) and Train Sim World 3 (made by the same company, but better graphics than TSC but less trains/dlc), Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022, Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Tokyo, Nostalgic Train, A-Train 9 version 4.0,  Train Crew, Far Away Train (No English langauge on this game), JR East Simulator


All of these are available on STEAM and I highly recommend getting them while they are on sale which is often...especially during the holidays.  Never buy them full price, strike when they are 40-50% or more off.  Also, make sure to subscribe to the workshops on Steam, as it will apply free extra episodes.


As of today, Some of the DLC's for Train Simular Classic, Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Tokyo, Nostalgic Train, etc. are on sale.  

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