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Yamaguchi SL and Tsuwano dolls


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The outer terminus of the Yamaguchi SL is Tsuwano.

There's usually a couple of hours there to watch the loco being turned and watered and also to look around the town.

A speciality of Tsuwano is Tsuwano Dolls.

These are paper or card cutouts of full face Japanese ladies clad in gorgeous Kimono, beautifully printed.

Intended as hanging decorations.

They come in several sizes,  from about 8 inches or less high to about 3 feet.

They make nice souvenirs of a visit to Japan, and as they are flat, the smaller ones could be stowed in a suitcase.

Almost every shop in Tsuwano sells these Dolls, can't remember the prices, no doubt Googly would have more details on them.  





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