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Super noisy E127

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19 minutes ago, nah00 said:

Best way to do this is just use regular white glue (I use Eileen's) so you don't have to worry about marring or frosting the window glass with either model cement or CA.


I use double sided tape, very very little, to keep mine in place.

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Take a look at Khaul's post on page 2 of this thread.



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I had pretty much the same problem with my Kato Hankyu 9000. it would be quiet on the first lap or two, and then get very noisy. I found part of the problem was the body wasn't secured all the way, but I think another part of the problem is that some motors are just not quite as balanced as others. Though I still don't get why it's quiet at first...I think this bothers me more than the noise, lol


Though...now that I think about it, I have a Kato NW2 that had a VERY noisy motor when I first got it (I know they're not known to be whisper quiet, but this one sounded like a weed whacker) and found the problem to be the bearing on the rear motor shaft (these only have a flywheel on one side, so I call the side without a flywheel the rear) had a bit of side play in it, so I put a drop of Labelle in it to fill the space, which pretty much got rid of the noise. But I wonder, if the oil warms up from the shaft spinning for a prolonged period, if it thins out, creating less of a buffer, causing vibration/noise to increase with run time. I haven't had the noise return on the NW2, but it's also a switching engine, so I haven't run it at the higher speeds or prolonged runs that I do with passenger trains


Anyways, I've found thin strips of those blue shop paper towels they sell at auto parts places can sometimes make good vibration dampers :3


Also, Kato makes something called Uni-clean oil 24-021 for the gears in these things that, according to the instructions for the Hankyu at least, is supposed to help if the gears become noisy. I don't think they sell it on Hobbysearch, but they do have it on ebay and it's only like $3 (but $6 shipping T_T ...so maybe order some other stuff with it, lol) so may be worth a try...or at least worth having if needed it down the road




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 A bottle of Kato Uni-Oil and a tube of Tamiya Cerano grease are sufficient for my N scale lubrication requirements. I've had the Uni-oil for almost 5 years now and the bottle is still about half-full, despite frequent usage. However I suspect it's not that different to Labelle, though I've never used that; it won't be a miracle cure in any case.


I am starting to suspect there is an issue with certain types of Kato chassis which can lead to the motor not being held firmly enough in place and causes excess noise through vibration.

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