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Good fora for Z gauge?

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Space Beaver

So there were some good prices on Rokuhan stuff in Akiba recently and I couldn't resist and now I have a JR 113 and a Tobu 500.


Must say that the quality of finish and running of these models is superb, better than Tomytec and other lower end N gauge. And I can run modern main line EMUs on double track in the space of a couple of tea trays on a little TV table! 🎵


I know there are a few Z gaugers on this forum, hello to you all. I was wondering if any of you also frequent any good fora dedicated to Z gauge as that would probably be a better place to discuss and ask about the technical aspects of the scale.

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Space Beaver

Thanks MichiK!


I did actually used to be quite good at German, though have not used it for years. Wonder how much I actually remember.....


The only English language dedicated Z forum I found is the apparently American based ZScaleCentral, but that seems almost abandoned, with many first page threads last posted in over 5 years ago.....

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a very broad based Z forum with most of the people who anybody in Z contributing




You'll also find my Z ramblings on




Where I write about American, Japanese and British Z


Both in English


I've done some reviews of Rokuhan, Tenshodo and PRM Loco models on my youtube channel




If Rokuhan are smart they should start a Rokuhan forum like AZL do in the U.S (with an English language section obviously)




p.s just editing a new video for youtube of Chris Wright's Bullet trains layout and my Republic steel layout at Keighley MRC show last weekend. I'll post link over the next couple of days





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Space Beaver

Thanks for the links!

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