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Kato single track deck plate bridge clearance


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Is the clearance under Kato's single track deck plate bridge (20-460, -461, -462, -464) sufficient for running trains underneath? It seems to have a significantly lower clearance from the photos, but it's hard to believe Kato would make a bridge that wouldn't clear trains under it.

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It sits on top of 50mm piers the same as all the other bridges.  No part of the bridge hangs lower than the mounting surface if the girder.

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If you sit the bridge down on a flat surface, you will have ~10mm clearance under it. That's based on my sliding a deck of playing cards under my own bridge and measuring the height of the ones that freely went under. As KatoFTW says, you'll be sitting it on top of 50mm piers, so you should have around 60mm in total.

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