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Designing custom figures

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I've been meaning to try designing figures for a while but finally had a go tonight. I didn't use Poser because it costs money and I wasn't convinced I'd be able to use it. So I used MakeHuman, an open source free program.




Surprisingly I'm actually able to use it. It's quite simple. But before I get further into this, I need to find out what would be the process for going from a digital image to an n-scale 3D printed model? Anyone know how this can be done?

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Martijn Meerts

Looks like MakeHuman figures can be imported to Blender, and there’s also a MakeHuman plug in for Blender. From Blender you can export to a file that for example Shapeways accepts to get 3D printed. They have several tutorials about measurements and what units to use in Blender to get the correct scale etc. 

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