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Sunrise and sunset times in Japan

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One of the things that one  should consider when planning a trip to Japan, especially if one intends to do a lot of photography, is the times of sunrise and sunset in the various parts of Japan where one intends to travel.

Japan is on one time zone from north-east to south-west.

If we take the position at the time of equinox, in Hokkaido, say right up at Cape Soya, the sun comes up at 0600 hrs. and sets at 1800 hrs.

But at say Kagoshima, on the same day, sunrise might be  at 0830 hrs, with sunset  twelve hours later, at 2030 hrs.

These are only guess figures, not true ones, but are of the order.

And, of course, these times will vary according to the time of the year. and the location.

All this means that in Hokkaido, one might have to get up at say 0530 and get out to begin your photography at 0630, , and finish up at about 1730 hrs, whereas at Kagoshima one can sleep in until 0800 and then get out for photography, or even sightseeing up to about 2030 hrs..

Tables of sunrise and sunset times throughout the year are available for any place in Japan that one knows the latitude and longitude of the place, all this is available through the internet.. 

Worth checking on before you leave for the trip.







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Hokkaido tends to have less sunlight per day due to its latitude also. Kagoshima is a lot south of Hokkaido.

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No need to try and graph the times... do it visually! 🙂




oh bugger... they have the error we all have... Google Maps charging for data... $%#%

Looks like he's making a new version.

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