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Kato DX lighting kit


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Does anyone know how many 248mm platforms can be lit by one package of Kato 23-000? The pack says 10 lights and 20 energizing shoes, but I'm not sure how they will all connect. 


It also says to use the terminal unijoiners (24-818). Is that because the DX Platforms are pre-wired for connection to terminal unijoiners or some other reason? Not really sure how the energizing shoes work.


The kits are expensive, but do you think they will work better than adding light strips?

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I use 4 lights per platform, for the overhead part.  You'll need 1 per vending machine or any platform level items that are under lit.  The platforms connect like track, though a larger gauge.  There are pictures in my ttrak station thread in layout builds.

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If I understand correctly from EdF's thread, the platforms connect like n-scale unijoiners, but appear to be Kato HO rails, and these HO rails are the conductors for the 23-000 lights. Correct?


If so, it would appear that powering the HO rails could be done via Kato's terminal unijoiners (24-818) or just solder wires to the unijoiners. Correct?


BTW, what items can be lit from underneath? I see the reference to vending machines. Are there other items too?

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The rails might be HO gauge, but yes they can be connected just like any other unijoiner options.  Vending machines come with the A kits, not sure about the B kits.  I saw somewhere that it could light the platform structures, like waiting room or newstand, but I don't know if the kits that have those, which pre-date the DX kits, would work.  As an aside, the platform ends are totally vanilla.  No rails to conduct electricity, need to connect with the S joiner to the covered platforms, there is space to accommodate unijoiners, but its not a positive connection.

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