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Gavino200s new layout


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I can’t wait. My son lit up when he saw the junctions moving by just clicking on the screen version of the tracks. He’s as wide-eyed about the automation as he was about the trains themselves when he was little. I have to say, it’s bringing out the kid in me too!

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So, after a long wait the floor guys finally came back and finished the job. I'm quite happy with it. Next step will be to put the legs on the tables and bolt them together. I may alter the length of the setup a bit. Originally I made room for a shelf rack to store my trains. I'll probably end up making a shelf on the back wall of the adjacent room instead for train storage. So I may need to make a short bridging segment.


I really need to finish with a small Raspberry Pi project before I get to this though. I also need to think about furniture for the room.


Empty room




Modules roughly in place.




The wall on the right is where I was planning on storing trains in shelving units. But I've changed my mind. I'll leave it roughly as it is here.




The pink foam sheets mostly protected from the cats. I'll probably use this wall for train storage.




This is how the workroom looks now. Though there's a lot of upstairs that needs to be stored down here.



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The new room looks great Gavin, going for a finished look before building the layout was the right way to go.

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JR 500系

I'm so jealous! The new room or mancave looks like a great way to spend an entire weekend!!! Cant wait to see the layout beiing done up! 

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It's time to put the legs on these things. I'll pick up some bolts this week and do the assembly next time I have a weekend off call. Still in two minds about whether to use the same bolts. The current prototype is very sturdy but the bolts are probably overkill.


1. I think I'll use carriage bolts again. They simplify assembly (If placed with care) and have an nice low profile.

2. I could probably go one size down on the bolts. The current ones are 9/16.

3. It's possible I could use three bolts only per leg. But likely I'll stick with four. Haven't decided.

4. I won't use those awful nuts with the plastic bits inside to make them tighter. I'll just use the plain metal nuts.








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Thanks VJM. That decides it. I'll stick to this pattern, except for using plain metal nuts. Your train table is an inspiration to me btw!!

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