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Hello from Kansai


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A long-time lurker here, regularly checking out the Japan Rail section. It's time to sign up and thank some of you whose contributions I've enjoyed.


People like Miyakoji, Densha, Bill937ca and Railsquid bring enthusiasm by the hopper. And the encyclopedic Bikkuri Bahn tops it off. Thank you all. Your explanations and photos are appreciated.


Work takes me between London and Osaka. Not a modeler, but I do enjoy keeping up with railway news in the world's most fascinating rail land.


Bought Dan Free's book, loved it; would welcome other reading recommendations in English.



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Hello! Welcome to the forum! 🙂


By the way, new guy here as well. Whenever I'm taking a break from this particular interest, I'm usually found at home, watching my ferret play in his ferret cage and having fun with the wife and kids. Such a simple and noble life. Cheers, everyone! Have a nice day!

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Welcome both! Glad you found the site interesting! Feel free to ask questions and do share some of your collections and layouts with us! Cheers!

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