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Kato Unitram.


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My new tram system. I’ve used Kato Unitram sets V50 and V52. I also have sets V51 and V53 for further experimentation and expansion. I now need suitable buildings, people and vehicles to bring the layout to life.


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Nice! The Kato unitram system is a great way to get started, being really easy to install and fix up and looks really nice ~

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41 minutes ago, Paulie said:

The next thing to do is purchase a number of buildings, vehicles and I need to populate the town.


Thats where things can really get expensive!

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John P Boogerd

How could I combine some trains with Kato Unitrams like a terminal station for DMUs on this layout?

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Do you have sufficient space to put in a single track local railway, with a dead end terminal alongside the tram stop, the track to go back behind the buildings and terminate there, and the DMU set, single car, just run back and forth between the two dead ends.This could be done automatically.

Unlikely you can get a continuous railway there, doesn't look to be the space.





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