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Tomix Jewel case bookcase ???


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Hey Kato has a bookcase that holds 7 of the loco Jewel cases in it.  I have searched high and low for a Tomix version.  I've recently starting collecting a lot of Tomix DMUs in the 2 car sets.  Two jewel cases inside a cardboard box.  The boxes are gonna get killed over time opening and closing etc.  I'm doubtful there is one, as looked.  But just incase there is one, please point me to it.  OR is you've seen an alternative that might suit.

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I have never encountered such a beast, from Tomix or a third party - those transparent Tomix boxes are pretty bulky and you'd only fix four boxes inside height-wise.

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Check if you have a store that focuses on high end containers (whe have one here called “the container store”). I got a couple of Kato/Tomix style bookcases a long time ago there that were white and were just high enough to hold Tomix and Kato loco boxes. I think they were to hold a stack of papers in a book case. Neat magnetic clasp on them that later died and I have to replace the magnets. I just had some foam blocks (cut up from old insert bits) to hold the boxes. I started using larger plastic tubs for loose jewelboxes later when the latch was not working and I also could not source them again but I’ve not looked around for these types for a long time though.



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Thanks for your responses.  Seems I'm not gonna get what I want.  I already have the Jewel cases stacked inside large plastic tub etc.  But the 2 car Tomytec sets go into Tomix 12 car urethane insert bookcases.  And the Kato regular size jewel cases go into a 7 car bookcase.


I'll just have to have the Tomix ones loose.  The Kato EHxxx locos are loose, and also Kato Yo5000, so a couple more Tomix loco loose wont hurt.

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