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"Ticket to Ride" game


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I assume a lot of us are familiar with the "Ticket to Ride" board game, where you have to "build" routes between cities to get points.   There are different versions:  USA, Germany (Märklin), Europe, Asia, India, Nordic Countries, etc.  (We have a lot of the versions/expansions, but looking at the current list, not all.  We have the ones I just listed here, but not Africa, NY, UK, First Journey, Nederland, or Rails and Sails)


With this being the Holiday season around many parts of the world, and with people taking family time -- especially with the New Year celebrations -- people often get time to play board games.


Such was the case last night in our family.  My daughter suggested "Ticket to Ride" with the Asia edition (we played the Legendary Asia version as the regular Asia board is set up for team play and I did not want to figure that our).  I ended up winning, as I completed all 4 routes I had been dealt at the beginning, and was lucky enough to be able to have a lot of overlap in them (or be able to  complete them using overlap, even if not the most efficient way on any single route).


I was wondering what the different strategies of different people were?


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If you have the 1910 expansion, and assume it would work for 1912.  Build a good trunk line, then attempt once it's done to pick up new routes that can be added easily, might already be done.  1910 has tons of short routes.

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Actually I lied.  We don't have the USA one.    My folks have that so we skipped it.  We have Europe, Germany (Märklin), Nordic Countries, Asia, India.


This is essentially a resource management game.  So I look at it on how to best leverage/acquire resources.   I usually use ALL the route cards I get up front, and then I try and use my cards to build lines between cities that will help one of my routes.  I don't necessarily concentrate on one route but try and fill in where ever I can as fast as I can.  Especially if I can identify potential bottlenecks where I could lose out if someone else grabbed it and either not be able to complete a route or have to build a bunch of extra lines to do it.


My family tended to concentrate on one route at a time and be card hoarders, trying to get the cards they need for their next step.  I used cards as fast as I could to grab real estate.  It looked kind of haphazard at first but eventually things would link up.   


That is in general my strategy and the one I employed last night.   With resource management games, you don't want to lose out on being able to get resources that are scarce.


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Ticket To Ride Stay At Home is now available as a free print and play version!  You will need any one of the foundational sets with plastic train pieces and train cards to play:

We have quite a few of the different versions and play them a lot at home and/or with friends.

My general strategy is to nail down any critical junctions and the ends of my major routes, then draw more tickets to help determine which paths I want to take to connect the ends up.

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A few months ago, we picked up the Japan & Italy maps expansion and have been enjoying them very much.  The Japanese map has special rules and pieces for building shinkansen train routes which all players can use towards completing their ticket destinations and victory points given for the player(s) who contribute the most towards building the shinkansen network.  This adds a really fun dimension to the game and with lots of Japanese flavour!  The Italy map is also fun, with it's own tactical challenges.

(As with all the map pack expansions, a base set of Ticket to Ride (USA) or Ticket to Ride Europe is required for the core components of basic train pieces and card deck.)


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We got the Japan/Italy one at Christmas and the France/Old West one in January.  

the Japan one plays much differently because of the Shinkansen rules (plus the general long and thin shape of the country).   It was fun.  We learned you need to pay attention. My son thought the Shinkansen joined most of what he needed and in the end there was one link missing he had not seen. 

italy we played once. Don’t remember much on that one. 

France one we have not tried yet. 

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