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Trains in Special Liveries

Krackel Hopper

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parroting toni's posting here on the Osaka Power loop post.


sort of a no brainer for a painted train fan and while not cheap its not bad for an 8 car painted train and greenmax new coreless motor and classic 103


J.R. Series 103 `Osaka Power Loop` Eight Car Formation Set (w/Motor) (8-Car Set) (Pre-colored Completed)



from bill a while back






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Lovely multi coloured beautifully painted train that is a no-brainer for any painted train lover to get...


My only regret is why wasn't it designed on a 201series? Not a huge fan of the 103....

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JR 500系

Ahah! Now that's a model I want! I have a certain affiliation with the 201 series, perhaps due to the Chuo line...


I thought the 201 series were all retired for the 323 series?

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The 201 (and 103) series will all be replaced by the 323 series, but there's still plenty of 201s running around the Osaka Loop Line. Last March there still were some 103s as well!

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Shinkyuvideo video.  Happy Party Train

That's an Izuhakone Railway 3000 series EMU.

Here's a quite detailed video

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For me it isn't the colors, but there's just too much going on - too busy.  All those lines at different angles are disorienting / distracting.

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Didn't the posessed panda come up before?! It's so evil looking it's good. Kind of reminds me of stewie on family guy for some reason, probably the eyes...



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On more repeated viewing of the video, I find myself more and more a fan of this livery! It does look pretty cute far... but up close, it looks freaky.... The side liveries are nice though... Any idea if this is to promote some sort of zoo with giant pandas or something?


Side question though, the next 287 series (normal version) to come up on the video has the connecting doors closed even though they are coupled together... I wonder why...

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I wonder if the lights on the model will have the same twisted effect... one can hope!


ueno panda mania?



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