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Trains in Special Liveries

Krackel Hopper

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Hey that's quite a nice job done! Thanks for sharing!


I don't know if I can make it as I suck at printing and such... I think I might just go with one of the decals above, probably the one for the Kiha-187, as it looks really cute and the original painting is kinda boring... Will update this again once I receive it (compliments to free service fee and shipping fee for Yahoo Auctions now) and try to fix it onto my Kiha-187...


I mean, look the actual train is so cute!


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For the windows, I cut a hole and then slap a clear plastic sheet from the inside.


Very good result! It's an idea I've been playing around with myself as well, but you put it to practice! How did you do the window partitions? Were these cut out as well, or added later?


I assume you can get amazing results combining your techniques with a cutter plotter (e.g. Silhouette Cameo). Especially when it comes to tedious tasks like cutting out the windows.

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Just cut it with a standard cutter.. If you messed it up, just align it again and drop a CA from the inside, works like a charm.


Ah wait, I almost forget. To add more strength, drop CA accross the inner side of the body evenly after you cut the window holes and assembled it, but before attaching the clear plastic. In HVS papers, CA coating also made it waterproof.


I just discovered it some days ago.

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I've seen those adds for the British vinyl decals, I don't think anyone here in the states is doing that! But we have few wrapped trains like that! With the vinyl cutter would be great to take out the window. Bits! Vinyl can be a bit more forgiving that thin decal membrane!


How about running a marker of a similar color along the edge before applying? I've done this with good success also the edge of white cardstock in printed cardstock buildings (but it's stiff to deal with!)





The problem is avoiding the marker pen ending up on the sides as well as the edges. Card has a bit more rigidity to it than vinyl!


Electra's early stuff had solid windows (printed with a black-and grey pattern which looked like white noise), later on they started to cut the windows out. Mine have cut-out windows to reveal the clear plastic sides underneath.


It's fairly forgiving, I wouldn't like to try to peel it off and reattach as it'd probably stretch, but I was able to get the vinyl on straight and without bubbles. The hardest bits are the thin strips representing the glazing bars, as they look terrible if not straight.

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That's it?? The thread stops here? No more 'painted train alerts'? I just read through five years of this thread, all the time eagerly anticipating the recent posts, to see what's currently on the market.



Seriously, how to find out when these things are released? Scour Hobbysearch daily?

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Jeff - I was swayed by the flowing lines, and I think this was the first painted train that interested me.


David has two versions (one of each), and I find the GreenMax version




much more attractive than the MicroAce with the white background - which to me kills the overall design and the effectiveness of the colors.



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Model is being offered by both Tomytec and Greenmax. I decided on the Greenmax because I wanted a powered unit with both the head and tail lights.


Good choice! You'll not only have head and tail lights, but also the option to install interior lights, have no motor visible, and the excellent new coreless motor.

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Yes surely a ready to run model with directional lightings and option for interior lighting is cool anytime, good choice!


The tomytec models are nice, but I feel they always tend to be a little... well... plastic. The graphics are nicely painted, but it just somehow feels different, being a little plastic and all...


No doubt the new Green Max model is really good, even at low speeds the running is smooth and silent. Sometimes, it's so good that even a little twitch and the train is off! 


This thread seems to be so buried... missed posting out some nice painted trains like the Izu Craile, Ensyu Railway Type 2000 (30th Anniversary of Foundation Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd. Wrapping Train, The Railway Collection Ensyu Railway Type 2000 (Naotora-chan Wrapping Train), ise-shima liner with logo, Sky train, Shin-chan series, Inaho etc...

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There are so many trains that could be considered painted trains. Its hard to keep up.



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Krackel Hopper

Came out a few weeks ago but I just received mine in the mail today!




I realized that I am starting to have quite the collection is these shorter 1-3 car painted trains from Hokkaido. Enough so that I should really make a small layout to use them on. A little 2x4 or 3x5 rural style layout that these 1-3 car kiha's would look good on. Fox, Crab & Squid, Barbecue Train, Hidaka Pony Train, Hidaka kiha 40, Hokkaido kiha 40s, Lupin III kiha 54.. my latest South Hokkaido Railway kiha 40s.. and my newest preorder of the kiha 54 ice train.. but I digress..

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Krackel Hopper

Getting the thread up to date, GENBI!!!




Another ouch on the price, but that's the price you pay for painted trains...




That is a huge price difference!  The MSRP on the Genbi E3 is 30,240Y and compare that to the new (also 6 car) 800 series from Tomix with the MSRP of 20,304Y.. 9,936Y difference for the exact same number of cars!  Still not as bad as the 37,800Y of the EVA 500 series.. licensing is certainly expensive


However, the Series 1000 Panorama Super Blue Liner (4 car) cost me nearly as much as this Genbi (6 car)


If Tomix can pull off the paint job, I think this will be a real eye-catcher!  I haven't preordered just yet but I am seriously considering!

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Do you long for the days when a painted train was a complete painted train not a wrap (decal) here and a wrap (decal) there train?


Video by kazuun2012.



Video by akka 1b353


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Tobu SkyTree train last run. Video by azumatakeshi.

To offer a bit of solace to those who don't know; the Skytree Train won't retire as a consist, but only as a regularly scheduled Ltd. Express. It will remain available for group rentals, charters and special occasions, which could mean that it could still see a weekly appearance for years to come.

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