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Travel to and From Narita Terminal 2 to Shibuya

Dave Soman

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We are going to Japan on Jan. 7th next year 2019 and scheduled to arrive on January 8, 2019 at 5:00 PM. Our first time in Japan and not knowing the language, I have to do some research beforehand ...

We will be staying at Shibuya Granbell hotel. Best way and train to get to that hotel is which line and which stop to get off to walk to hotel? What are our options and how much do they cost? It would be me and my wife.


Do we buy the Suica card ahead of time or do we buy it when we arrive at Narita Airport? If so, where can we get it at Narita? Or should we just buy those packaged limo bus and train ticket options?

Thank you.


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There are direct JR Narita Express services from Terminal 2 to Shibuya station every 30 minutes. These take 87 minutes to get there, and cost 3390 yen one-way per person.


An alternative is taking the Keisei Skyliner from Terminal 2 to Nippori (2465 yen), and change there for the JR Yamanote Line to Shibuya (194 yen). This route takes 79 minutes in total and is also possible every 30 minutes.


Another option is taking the Keisei Narita Access Express to Nippori (costs 1235 yen, only runs at certain times of the day and has regular commuter train seating) and changing there for the JR Yamanote Line. Total 1429 yen and 94 minutes of travel.


If you have a lot of luggage, it is recommended to take a train with sufficient room for it. Otherwise it is going to be a hassle finding space to put your suitcases in commuter trains with longitude seats, which also inconvenience commuters especially during rush hour.


Buying tickets can be done at the ticket booths. If you can get your hands on cash or have a credit card I think payment will be no trouble. If you need a Suica card you should be able to buy it at any JR ticket booth as well.

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Do they require cash to purchase the Suica card?   I think we had to pay cash for our ICOCA cards in Osaka last year.


Here is info on Tokyo area transit options.   It lists a N'EX special ticket for overseas tourists with a cost of 4000 yen per person and is round trip (within 14 days).   It lists other interesting transit options in the Tokyo area.  ( N'EX is Narita Express )





Note that if you are going to use a JR Pass of some sort while in Japan, the N'EX would be included with that pass.


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My regular hotel in Tokyo is also near Shibuya. What I always do is the following:


Purchase a Keisei ticket + Subway card (more info here http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/value_ticket/subway.php), and then take the Keisei Skyliner direct to Keisei-Ueno. From Keisei-Ueno, it's a short underground walk to the Ginza line. The Ginza line connects directly to Shibuya. 



- You save two valuable days on the JR pass (if you purchase a round trip ticket). Tokyo metro passes are valid from the time of first validation, instead of per day.

- Depending on how much you intend to use your subway pass and days saved on your JR pass, this might be super cost efficient considering that prices for a round trip + 24 hr pass is 4700 yen per person. And you do not need to purchase a SUICA or PASMO card for this trip, at all! I never bought one during all my trips to Japan.

- The travel time is roughly the same at 1 hr 33 minutes according to google maps.



- While the Keisei Skyliner is super comfy and has a lot of luggage space, the Ginza line might be a bit of a hassle if you have a lot of luggage. I only have 1 hand luggage (which may, or may not, be a train set 😀) and 1 small trolley suitcase every time I go to japan, and have no problems at all navigating the subway because my flights usually arrive outside rush hour.


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