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C20 containers for my shorties


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This week I received three  Rokuhan KoKi shorties, withoud payload, of course. I do have a set of 19Bs on the way, but that's still stuck at the customs, and I want a bit of diversity, anyway. But that's no problem at all: Containers can easily be made from card.


I've chosen the free C20 containers from Vayashis' ペーパークラフト (I have also some 12ft containers from Paperstructure, but I like Vayashis' graphics better). They are TT scale, so I had to print them at (1/220)/(1/120) = 54.54...% of their original size.


I've also designed an additional cube in Corel Draw, which serves two purposes:

- its bottom has fitting holes to take the locks of the KoKi

- it serves as the internal structure, which I'll stick the container sides to (this will result in better defined edges than "conventional" scoring and folding)



The internal cube gets scored and folded (it won't be visible, anyway) in a conventional manner. However, it is most advisable to score and fold the part first, and cut out the holes in the bottom only afterwards!




In my experience the easiest way to avoid distortion is to fold the part at one edge (2) and to glue the ends together on a flt surface (3).




When glueing the front and end in place I usually use Lego bricks to keep everything at a correct angle.




Finally I paint the lower edges black to avoid the white flashing between the container and the car.




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As mentioned before, I now stick the various faces of the container one by one to the inner cube: First the top, then front and end, and finally the sides (and don't forget to dry-fit!). Again, my trusty Legos come in handy.







Et voila, here are the finished conatiners (minus a protective coat of matt varnish, but that must wait till the weather gets a bit warmer again)!







I hope I didn't get too much into detail with the description?


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