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Train Spotting in Germany


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Last Saturday I went to one of my favourite places in Munich to get some trains (Heimeranplatz) This time ist was quite good, work trains, freight traffic and the usual passenger trains.Wanna watch? Here we go!


Maintainance service




Austrian Taurus 1116 053 with a big load of two axle vans




Class 245 on a local passenger service




DB 101 043 heading a Eurocity train towards Graz, Austria




Some more work trains








Two class 212 (V100) spraying the trackbed




Scandinavian truck trailers on their way to Italy. The train is operated by private operator TX-Logistik, Locos (Vectron class 193 Multisystem) are from MRCE (Mitsui Rail) and ELL and will stay on this train until Verona.




Two Meridian Local trains almost running parallel. The right one is the regular Munich-Salzburg service, while the left is running empty.




ÖBB 1116 282 pulling the "EKOL". EKOL is a turkish forwarder and runs a daily trailer train from Germany to Trieste, Italy, where the trailers go on a ferry for Istanbul.




Another TX-Logistik trailer train




WLE No. 81 (Class 189 Multi-System) with trailers. It's very common in Europe to carry loaded truck trailers. After arrival they will be moved to their final destination by normal tractors.




Blue Bavarian pilot coach, the train has almost reached it's destination Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)




ÖBB Italia  1216 001 just started its journey to Italy




Heavy shunter Class 294




Class 440 just comes from the depot




DB Class 185 225 with a tanker train




Austrian Taurus 1116 193 on the way to Bremen Port




This is train no. 113 to Klagenfurt Austria. It usually runs with an engine at each end. 1116 165 in front, and 1016 020 pushing. 1016 020 just received new special colours and advertising.






Blue Zebra 185 662 from private operator Locomotion




The British Class 77 is quite common (although we call it class 66 :-))




Mitsui Rail MRCE 185 557




And the last one for now, a northbound trailer train (Vectron double, MRCE)









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Nice selection there. I have a real liking for German stuff.


I will be going out to Germany tomorrow, although a little further north than Munich. Visiting the big modelling show at Cologne, and will be travelling out there by train. 

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A friend and I returned a few weeks ago from a European railfanning vacation though we only spent a few days in Germany on this trip, taking in Poland, Austria, Italy and Switzerland as well.


The result being a few orders sent to DM Toys after I got home after a renewed interest in European trains.

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I get the DM-Toys, Lippe, Kramm, and Menzels emails on a regular basis, and there are always locomotives (and wagons!) I'd love to get...   It's hard.

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the two bridges are not really good places for taking pictures (in my eyes). First of all, there's only passenger traffic freight trains are using a side track, which turns right a little bit further west (Friedenheimer Brücke). And you are taking the pictures through the catenary wires.


I will show you another place in Munich. It's in the eastern part, (Trudering), where the freight rails meet the Salzburg mainline. Will do that tonight (yesterday I had my Japanese lesson and after returning home there was Football, Germany vs. The Netherlands).



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Yes, I see your points...

so where would you spot the north- and westbound trains that end at Hauptbahnhof? Is Laim suitable?

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to be honest, I rarely tried to get pictures of the north- and westbound trains. Some of my friends go to Pasing or Laim, but I never did until now. I actually checked out Hirschgarten once, but was not really happy.


So, now something different. this is Trudering junction, where the tracks from the shunting yard Munich east meet the mainline to Rosenheim (and Austria, Italy, Hungary and the Balkan Countries).The freight trains come through the tunnel, while through trains south use the front track (southbound) or go over the tunnel (northbound => Munich Central Station). I took these pictures in early April 2014.




































Have a nice day,



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Munich in the year 2001


It's now 18 years ago that I took the following pictures. There is some sort of "japanese background", I'll tell you why. A month earlier I was in Japan and I wanted to take a visit to the "Tokyo Transportation Museum" in Akihabara. When I arrived there I had to realize that the museum was closed that day. Somebody inside heard me trying to open the door and came out. He was one of the museum staff. He asked me, what I'm doing, and where I am from. Then he asked me to come in. It was really special, I received a free museum tour, I could try out the simulators for as long as I wanted and I sat in the office of this gentleman talking for hours about trains. He told me that he was a big fan of the german class 103 high speed electric, which was soon to be retired. And I promised him to send him pictures. So,after my return I started hunting the rare last examples of this engine. The letter with those pictures was returned to me after a while, wrong address. I was really sad, I couldn't fulfil my promise. The Museum is now defunct and gone, it has been replaced by the JR Museum in Saitama. On a later trip I asked the people there about my friend, but he was already retired. He must be quite old now, hope he's still enjoying his retirement. And maybe he will find those pictures right here...


In those day I was not really a "photographer", and I didn't have professional equipment.


Oceanblue and cream was still alive. DB was rather slow in repaintig their equipment.




103 131 waiting for depature of her Interregio train.




Deutsche Bahn chose their new class 101 for advertising. Railfans didn't like it, but the locos looked rather colourful (and still do).




A brand new Austrian Taurus 1016 040 arriving from Stuttgart. I was surprised that DB used Austrian motive power on domestic services.




Same engine, after her train departed. The old ÖBB logo (vulgo. "Pflatsch") was only used for a short time back then




An oceanblue/cream 111 departing with freshly painted red double deckers.




Shabby 103 131 from the other side. The "raspberry red" (Orientrot) never looked good on those elegant engines.




"Beyer Chemicals" coloured 101 arriving with white IC coaches




Another 111 with red double deckers.




EC train departing for Switzerland over the non electrified mainline to Lindau. Double heading is required for the air conditioned SBB coaches, which need a lot of energy.




Frontal view of Munich Main Station (Hauptbahnhof), still looks the same.




ICE class 401's were quite new back then. This one carries the first colour scheme with violet pinstripe above to the red stripe.




Austrian 1044 leaving. These handsome electrics were once the backbone of the international traffic south-east of Munich.




Orient red faded quickly, as seen here on this 120




Here's a very interresting consist. A 218 diesel departs for Mühldorf, pulling a rake of mint coloured double deckers and an older mixed 1st/2nd  Class ABm Coach in oceanblue/cream.




This is a rare diesel ICE. I recent years the were rented to DSB and ran in northern Germany, now stored somewhere.




Fresh painted 139 552 bringing a sleeper train from the coach yards in Aubing.




103 228 (long body)




Two 139/140's shunting italian coaches






103 228 again, now on top of her train.




This was the first part. At the same time I took a couple of picture in Munich East station, which is the terminal for "Auto Trains" . Will add them tomorrow...


Cheers, Martin

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maihama eki

I visited Muenchen very often around this time (2001) for work.  We were partners with Siemens on some projects.


There is a pretty nice little model train shop in the Muenchen Hbf called Gleiss 11.  I'm sure you know it.  When I last visited in October of 2018 - this time for vacation - I asked the guy in the shop why there weren't more n-scale models of modern German trains.  We were speaking in German, and my German gets a little weak when people are talking fast, but it seems like his view was that there was no market for such items.

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For sure I know "Gleis 11", although, I don't like it too much. Nevertheless, I sometimes stumble in and buy some things. I think there is a market for N-gauge in Germany, but not really big. Germany is still HO-land.


Now, let's go to Munich East station (btw. there is a hobby shop nearby, too. Caesar's is the name). Munich East is the terminal for auto trains (sleeper service, BYO car :-)). In 2001most of the remaining 103 electrics were assigned to overnight sleeper and Interregio services, while for EC and IC trains 120 and 101's were already used.


Here's 103 113, still proudly wearing red & cream TEE colours, she's one of a handful of engines with a red frame.






Another "Bayer" 101, note the DB sign is above the windshield.




Fresh paint and a new single arm pantograph on this 151 class on a northbound freight train.




New colours but already in urgent need of a wash....




EC "Mimara" from Zagreb, Croatia,  to Berlin. The Austrian 1044 will remain on this train until Munich HBF.The grey/blue coaches are from Croatian and Slovenian Railways, while the second half of the train is Austrian ÖBB.




And finally, another 120 with an EC.




That's it for now,



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I usually travel to Germany from Spain three or four times a year and my favourite place is Lotharstrasse in Duisburg. I have also gone for trainspotting to Germany to Oberhausen, Regensburg, Stuttgart but this is a rally heavy traffic freight train place where I can find trains from all over Europe.

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