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Rokuhan Shorty with stonysmith switcher bodyshell


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Hi all

The Rokuhan Shorty chassis has caused a lot of interest recently amongst the Z gauge community, as well as the Nm and H0f guys.  but one of the easiest conversions can be done with stonysmiths 'open window' switcher on Shapeways 3d printing site


I needed a couple of generic industrial diesel locos to run on Republic Steel which would not look out of place if I was running it in American or British guise. I decided to stick with the ABS printed shell rather than the 3d printed Brass one. They are never going to be pulling more than 2 or 3 ladle cars or torpedo on the layout so haulage weight shouldn't be an issue.


The basic chassis straight out of the package




The basic shell as delivered and fresh out of the Ultrasonic cleaning bath of warm soapy water




The shell is very close to a GE 70 tonner and is a perfect fir on the Shorty. The first thin coat of primer was used to reveal the areas needed the layer lines cleaning up, not much, just some round the nose end and the cab


This was one was per the print with the addition of handrails from a Marklin caboose. Exhaust stack was brass tube




Now in my efforts to add detail I decided to drill out the headlamp on the other one, pushing a sharp scriber into the centre of it to give the drill bit a centre to work with I managed to punch a hole in it as the material is so thin. Some choice Anglo-Saxon swearing followed and once I calmed down I decided to add a radiator grill from Scalelink etched mesh to hide the hole. Yo be honest I actually preferred the look




in this shot you can see the original couplers get in the way and can push the truck down. They are the usual Rokuhan push fit and are easily removed


more in a mo





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Both with the front handrails added and painted Ford Signal yellow




Number 6 and 8 on Republic. The numbers came from a Microscale's Union pacific sheet 60-522 and the chevrons from the DM&IR caboose sheet 60-854. The couplers were replaced with MTL short shank ones mounted on the shell




Glazing was done with krystal Klear




Seen with Number 5, the 0-6-0 Diesel hydraulic, you can see the house style I'm trying to achieve on the steelworks fleet.




just need weathering and some horns on the cab roof




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Video of the two on test on Republic at this weekend's Crewe Model show doing what thew ere intended to do. Haul ladle cars and Torpedo cars



stonysmith is working on another couple of locos I have suggested to him and I'll keep you posted as they progress



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One of the guys on trainboard.com  was asking about the weathering


This is the look I'm going for


A sad looking Yorkshire Engine Co. 0-6-0DH at Workington Iron and Steel works in Cumbria shortly before closure







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Sweet, Kevin (i.e., as soon as the yellow is abit toned down! 😉 )!


The obvous thing, of course, is to take Smith' switcher shell and turn it into a DD90. I've sent him already a PM, asking whether he'd possibly modify his design. No answer, yet, and if it wouldn't work this way I can always convert it manually.

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No 5 heavily weathered, No 6 medium and No 8 just given a waft over with some light rust



Every vehicle in the pic 3D printed on Shapeways




The Steelworks entire fleet in action





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