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I have been reading through some older topics on the forum and encountered links to some other possibly interesting threads. Sadly these links don't work as they seem to use a different link format, possibly from an old version of the forum software.

Is there a way to still find/read those topics, if they still exist that is? I tried putting the numbers from the links through the search, but no results.

This would be specifically about the topics that were linked in this post:


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Sadly this, I think, happened in the major software update that was done a year or so back. The data base update did not appear to bring all the old links forward properly. Forums are prone to this being very software driven and thread based, not a great archival method due to these sorts of issues that can happen. AFAIK there is no way convert the old thread number to a new one to resurrect this. The new format uses a thread number and the thread title in its link.



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