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Kato KIHA81 announced.

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Hungry hungry hippos!



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Well I finally received my last 2 coaches, a Kiro 80 and a Kiha 80 to complete my Kuroshio formation as well as giving a number of other running options. I also found some Kiha 82 headmarks to give further possibilities.


I need to paint interior seats to give a better representation of the white head rest and arm rest. 

I’m still in 2 minds regarding lighting. The Kato center mounted lights are low cost but they don’t secure very well and there’s always connection issues. Perhaps soldering feeder wires would be better. 


What do others use?

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Decided to get an extra Kishi and now on the search for a final Kiha 80 (M)


I now have a good range of Kiha 80 series pieces but thought it better to be able to run 2 independent trains rather than just have the option to change things around one motor unit.


So the plan is to run a 7 car Kiha 81 Tsubasa formation, occasionally assisted by the EF71.


In addition, I’d have a 6 or 7 car powered Kiha 82 formation.


As example

Kiha 82 900- Kiro 80 - Kishi 80 - Kiha 80 - Kiha 82 - Kiha 80 - Kiha 82


Both the Kishi and powered Kiha seem a little elusive so it’s a case of buy it when you see it. 





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Sorry skim read quickly and saw 81


This post actually concerns the Kato EF81 release in January


For those interested in the EF81, also note that Kato will be running a grade-up detail set alongside this release. I’m also happy to see that the JNR version will also come with 2 headmarks. Nihonkai and Tsurugi.



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