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Yugoslavian Class 661 EMD G16 Diesel in HO


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Hi everybody,


time to show my latest entry to my collection of exotic trains. It's a Yugoslavian Class 661 Diesel (Type EMD G16) which was imported from the USA from the beginning of the 1960's. It was used for all duties all over the JZ (Yugoslavian State Railways) network. A few survive until today in Serbia and Macedonia. Some have been rebuilt with low short hood and aircon.


The model comes from a "backyard manufacturer" (Slavko Yovanovic) in Serbia and is hand finished according to my personal wishes. I wanted to have a JZ engine (NEM era IV), based in Zagreb (now Croatia), hence the "Jugoslavenske Zeljeznice" lettering in Croatian language. Versions of other Yugoslavian regions are possible, also post war Versions of the new Balkan countries (and even Israel Railways or Kowloon-Canton-Railway Versions). Technically, these models are rather basic (pre DCC era), the loco Body is cast resin.
















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It appears that the server those Picts are on has an expired site certificate so may not be loaded in many browsers.



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I have not experienced any problems with this hoster and never saw a pop up telling about an expired certificate.



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Dear Martin,

not few but many have survived years behind and still make the main engine on the Serbian railways, but also in Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Yes, its really intriguing that they are still functional, after more than 5 decades of service. While Europe back than was relying mostly on European made locomotives, Yugoslavia made a political agreement with USA and bought 220 of EMD G16. Acc to my knowledge mediator in this process was USAID, that in 1959 donated first 20 engines for testing, and this was one of first missions of this US government agency. In 1972 Yugoslavia bought limited no of EMD 26. Few of them can be found today.  One is located in my hometown (Nis) where she has a 24 hours replacement duty in case of malfunction of any other locomotive.


All the best

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