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New Theme, Guidelines, Info on Social Login, etc.


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As many of you probably have already noticed, JNS Forum just received a redesign. Along with this redesign, a couple of other changes have also been made. Continue to read this post carefully, because there is a big chance there will be something between that impacts you as well.



The guidelines have been updated with a lot of changes and new additions. Be sure that you read and acknowledge them before continuing.


Facebook and Twitter Login

Some of you might have been using Facebook or Twitter to log in to JNS Forum. Due to privacy concerns and the fact that keeping the plugin updated requires a disproportionate amount of work, Facebook and Twitter login will be disabled. Members will be able to use social media login until Friday 5 October at latest. As of this date, all members that had been using Facebook or Twitter login must reset their password through the Forgot your password? button. As we are transferring to local accounts manually, it is possible that this will happen for your account slightly before or after the very date.



The Tapatalk app has also been disabled, again due to privacy concerns and the fact that keeping the plugin updated requires a disproportionate amount of work. Instead use the mobile website from now on.


Account Database Clean-up

Recently, all accounts with a content count of zero that had not been logged in to since 31 December 2017 have been deleted. For those who want to re-join the community, please sign up for a new account.

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Sounds good, I miss the blue color though.  Next time we should do blue with yellow accents, like the Non-shinkansen Dr. yellow vehicles. 

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Yes I love the Rail Star feel to it! Real kudos to Densha and the Mod team for making such a huge effort in upgrading and maintaining this forum! Thanks guys!

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21 hours ago, Kiha66 said:

Sounds good, I miss the blue color though.

The default blue theme has always been a temporary placeholder. We just did not get to creating a new theme using the existing Railstar logo by Martijn until now. 😉


I will try to transfer all accounts using social login to a local account tomorrow, but I cannot promise anything.

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I appreciate the effort you went to in changing the colour scheme, but as a user with poor eyesight, I thought I'd offer my opinion.  For me, the black backgrounds to the Platform numbers is too contrasting and severe.  The highlight colour looks more "baby-poo brown" than the yellow of the Railstar ... I have both a baby and a Railstar 700 Series ... sometimes I prefer one over the other ...


As IPB offers multiple skins, I'm disappointed the function has been disabled on our board.  It would have been nice to have the option of reverting to the skin that had been prepared by Martijn.  Now, all that effort has disappeared, presumably.

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The new color scheme is nice, but as Ochanomizu said, it's too dark for being the Railstar yellow.




This is what it would look like by correcting the tonality.





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This tone of orange was deliberately chosen because a more bright orange would hurt your eyes because of the very high contrast. I decided to adapt a more fainter tone to make it actually work as a website interface.


As for the 'platform numbers', are you referring to the contrast between the white text and the black background? Or to the contrast between the black platform background against the white/grey of the website body?

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Hello Ocha,


Yesterday there was a "Theme" button at the bottom of the screen, to the left of "Contact Us".  It seems to have disappeared.  Also, Densha has edited his post to delete the mention of the standard IPB skin, so I guess that option has gone also.

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Hello Densha,


Thanks for that.  Default theme feels better for my eyes, but I appreciate your hard work.  Any chance of old theme coming up as an option?

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7 hours ago, Ochanomizu said:

Hi Densha,


I mean the theme we were all using 2 weeks ago.


If you're logged in, there is a dropdown at the very bottom of the page that can be used to switch themes. "IP Board" is the old White-and-Blue Theme.



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